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Big Box Time Management – How to Increase Productivity & Quality of Life

  Many create a checklist of their important projects and “To-dos.” It is a way to prioritize the most important items. We want to check those boxes to be productive. The problem is that unexpected, urgent matters always arise that force us to keep pushing our priority items further and further down the list. Eventually, […]

Importance of Productivity in the Workplace and 3 Steps to Improve It

  There are many reasons why you could find yourself struggling to be productive at work, including stress, time pressure, distractions, poor attitude, changing workplaces and policies, etc. Regardless, increasing productivity in the workplace is paramount in today’s competitive, time-crunched world.  Productivity is simply defined by how much you can produce in a certain amount […]

Whiteboard Series: Re-energize Yourself at Work in 5 Seconds or Less

  We all experience days where we can’t seem to find the energy to get through the workday. There’s no need for coffee or energy drinks. Re-energizing yourself can be done in five seconds or less with this simple question: “Why are you working so hard?” This question is part of the Thriver Quiz, which helps […]

Thriver Quiz

  In high demand work environments you find three different types of people. Thrivers, who are able to keep up with high-demanding jobs and still find the time to have hobbies and balance a social and work life. Strugglers, who lack the desire or ability keeping up with high demand jobs. Then there are the […]

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