Motivation: One Change to Help You Hit More of Your Goals

Do you have too many goals to stay motivated, focused, and calm?

As an author and speaker on the topic of work-life balance, I would guess yes. In this video you will learn how you can improve your motivation, success, and quality of life by taking on the One-Change mantra. 


[Transcript] Today, we’re going to talk about one change and how it can help you hit way more of your goals and be more successful under stress. OK, one change is simply having the focus to change one primary thing at a time. Now, before you say, Andy, I’ve heard all that before. Consider this. After 23 years of working with success focused, driven individuals, I found one of the top reasons that they do not hit their goals is that they’re trying to hit too many goals at one time. People who are successful under stress, they dream big, but they focus small. Give you some research to back this up. Two PhDs out of Macquarie University got a group of people and said, “listen, we want you to change this one thing in your life. It’s moderate, not that hard to do. Just change this one thing. They set them free and brought them back after two months. Those that did the one change reported that they had greater focus. They were better able to ignore distractions, and they reported better self-control. Now, focus and self-control. That alone is worth 10 times what it would take to bring this one focus, this one change mindset to your daily life. But it gets way better. Even though the researchers discouraged them from changing anything else. The improvements in that one area motivated them. Those people started saving more money. They started reading more, eating more healthy foods. They smoke and drink less, and they reported being more in control of their emotions. That is amazing, don’t you think? I mean, it’s kind of ironic that if you want to hit more goals, bring your focus to one goal, one change at a time. But that’s just how it works. There’s an obvious caveat here. What if life makes it where I have to change multiple things at one time? OK, I can answer that question with this how to. What you think about what’s the one change that you can make in your daily life right now that would feel really, really good and really reduce your stress. OK, I want you to call that your no matter what goal. Even though you have other goals, I want that to be your primary focus. I want you to chase it. I want you to tackle it to the ground. I want you to hold it down. No matter what, until it becomes a part of your daily routine, your way of thinking. And if you do that, your willpower you need to do it will start to drop. And when that happens, that signals you, triggers you to go, “all right, I’m ready to tackle this next goal.” If you take this, no matter what goal approach, this one change idea, I can guarantee it will help you be way more successful under stress. 

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