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  • I’m very proud of Change Your Day, Not Your Life. It released as best-selling self-help book and was on Amazon’s Work-Life Balance best seller list four years later. 
  • My brand new Change Your Day 4-week email course is free and will help you get on track fast!
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“Change Your Day, Not Your Life is a manual to help busy people thrive under high demand.

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  • The Change Your Day (CYD) 4-Week Email Course
    • [Week 1 CYD Pattern] – How to Leave Work at Work
    • [Week 1 CYD Mindset] – Control Your Mindset
    • [Week 2 CYD Pattern] – How to Turn Your Brain Off at Night
    • [Week 2 CYD Mindset] – Maximize Your Commitment Energy
    • [Week 3 CYD Pattern] – How to Trigger Motivation With Your Face
    • [Week 3 CYD Mindset] – Be Honest With Yourself
    • [Week 4 CYD Pattern] – Overcome Overwhelm
    • [Week 4 CYD Mindset] – Challenged Focused Success
Stay Motivated Livestream

Stay Motivated Livestream

Andy streams live to Youtube. Sometimes he interviews a guest and other times he presents ideas and interactions solo. Either way, you can watch, learn, ask questions, chat with Andy and other attendees… all in real time and for free!

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