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New Live Stream: Staying Motivated in Challenging Times! 

Choosing a Better Life with Best-Selling Author and Keynote Speaker Pete Smith This is the inaugural Staying Motivated in Challenging Times Livestream! There is a slight echo. It has been fixed for future Livestreams.Follow this link for more information on best selling author and keynote speaker Pete Smith. For more information on Pete Smith, best-selling […]

Venting at Work: How to blow off steam without burning out

  Does venting at work increase or decrease stress? Burnout? Productivity? Today we’re going to talk about how you can blow off steam a work without getting burned out. In today’s workplace, there’s a lot of work. Big goals, deadlines, change, and a lot of people. And when you’re in that environment you can get […]

Motivation: One Change to Help You Hit More of Your Goals

Do you have too many goals to stay motivated, focused, and calm? As an author and speaker on the topic of work-life balance, I would guess yes. In this video you will learn how you can improve your motivation, success, and quality of life by taking on the One-Change mantra.   [Transcript] Today, we’re going to […]

7 Questions to Thrive under High Demand Bookmark

7 Questions to Thrive under High Demand bookmark To thrive under high demand, you need loads of positive energy and mindsets that make you resilient under stress. This brand new bookmark gives you seven evidence-based questions that you can ask yourself (and others) to significantly boost motivation, energy, and resiliency. It is copyrighted, but you […]

Cost of Stress – Arkansas Bankers Association Speaker

Stress in Banking – What are the Costs? *Originally published in The Arkansas Banker Magazine An organization’s most important asset is its workforce.  This is especially true in the banking industry.  Stress affects individual employee performance and overall operational readiness to the tune of $300 billion annually.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported in 2016, “Work-related stress […]

The Rise of Swearing in Keynote Presentations

Motivational Speakers, Swearing and the Science of Honesty I’m old school on this – I don’t swear during my presentations.  I even removed “crap” as I thought it distracted the audience from the key point I was trying to make (Thanks to feedback from attending Keynote Kamp, which I highly recommend for professional speakers).  However, and […]

Success Under Stress: Get Refocused On The Big Picture With Three Simple Steps

In this video Andy shares how to get re-motivated and at your productive best by getting refocused on the big picture.  This video helps improve motivation, sales, customer service and overall wellbeing.   “Staying focused on the big picture motivates you and increases productivity. But, when stress hits, or when you get really busy, it becomes […]

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