The Future of Work in an AI Fueled Workplace? Soft Skills.

What is The Future of Work in an AI Fueled Workplace? Soft Skills.

Reading about VR in corporate training and came across a fantastic take on how AI will force professionals to adapt.

“As artificial intelligence becomes more capable of completing ‘hard skills’ tasks, employers increasingly will need workers with strong, soft skills that set them apart from AI,” – Deputy Dean of Learning and Teaching, Graduate School of Business & Law at RMIT, Ling Mei Cong

Now, what soft skills are crucial. I’m with Sam Altman on this one:

“Resilience is the most important trait for future business success.” – Sam Altman

As a PhD performance psychologist, I help clients in challenging conditions improve leader and employee resiliency so that they can improve productivity, morale, and retention. Essentially, I provide entertaining presentations that my clients can provide to equip their people to excel in challenging conditions so that they can accomplish organizational goals which enables the leaders to demonstrate their value and creativity and accomplish their personal goals.

Here is a summary of why I think resiliency is the most important soft skill to teach for future business success:

Obvious Problem: Challenging work conditions undermine attitudes, performance, and retention. This often happens instantly, but it always happens eventually). This shows up as:
– Low or Declining Employee Performance: Ex. quality of care metrics, operational costs, departmental growth rate…
– Low or Declining Employee Engagement: Ex. employee engagement surveys, turnover, resistance to change and leader vision…

Real Problem: Most professionals’ education or organization training programs have not taught them the mental/thinking skills required to sustainably excel in challenging conditions.

Core Belief: The fastest way to grow a team or organization (and society) is to equip professionals with the mental resiliency skills that equip and inspire people to take meaningful action in all conditions.

Mission: Help transformational leaders equip and inspire their teams to achieve their absolute peak productivity, engagement, and collaboration levels STWC exceed organizational goals and expectations.

Ideal Clients: Transformational leaders facing challenging conditions that are impacting their teams’ performance, attitudes, and retention.

Solutions: I offer keynote presentations, learning centered workshops, and video education content that assess and teach mental resiliency skills, along with day-to-day strategies proven to help individuals excel in demanding environments.

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