Resolve Conflict at Work (and in Your Personal Life)

Reduce conflict during change management
Reduce Employee Stress & Conflict

Top Employee Stress = Unclear expectations

When managing change, most business related interpersonal conflicts stem from flawed assumptions or a lack of agreement on the purpose or goal of a team, project, or individual effort. To rise above emotional responses, follow these steps:

Change Management & Conceptual Agreement

      1. Clarify conceptual agreement. Say, “OK, let’s back up for a second. What is our goal here?”
      2. Then, narrow the response to a goal both parties agree on (Conceptual Agreement). 
      3. Ask, “Given that goal, what is the obvious next step?”
      4. If negative emotions or perceptions persist, say, “I know there is still ambiguity, but I promise to take this (values-based action). What can you commit to doing?” 

    Summary: Clear communication and a shared agreement of goals diffuse conflict. I welcome any comments and questions.

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