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Cost of Stress – Arkansas Bankers Association Speaker

Stress in Banking – What are the Costs? *Originally published in The Arkansas Banker Magazine An organization’s most important asset is its workforce.  This is especially true in the banking industry.  Stress affects individual employee performance and overall operational readiness to the tune of $300 billion annually.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported in 2016, “Work-related stress […]

Success Under Stress: Get Refocused On The Big Picture With Three Simple Steps

In this video Andy shares how to get re-motivated and at your productive best by getting refocused on the big picture.  This video helps improve motivation, sales, customer service and overall wellbeing.   “Staying focused on the big picture motivates you and increases productivity. But, when stress hits, or when you get really busy, it becomes […]

Q&A Tips on Improving Productivity at Work

Stress Motivational Speaker Shares Time Management Advice Since I write and speak on stress and productivity, I’m often asked, “What do you do personally to stay productive?”  Here are a few of the common Q&As. What are your favorite time management tactics? I practice (and preach) Big Box Time Management.  it is a concept that helps […]

Success Under Stress – Improve your energy and immunity with a better Future View

Summary: Have you ever came down with a cold right after you finish a big project or return from a trip? Stress can zap your immune system and make you more susceptible to illness and infection.  You can, however, increase your immune system’s strength with a better future view.   This article and video give you three solid […]

Control Your Focus = Better Productivity & Less Stress

As a “motivational speaker” on stress management and productivity, I Keynote lots of association events where psychologists, therapists, counselors and other mental health professionals are in attendance. The more I researched and chatted with those mental health professionals, the more I started to see a pattern in how they helped those who are feeling stressed […]

Two Ways to Work Less While Working More

Convincing yourself – and your boss – that some “no” work is good work How many of you have found yourself: Chasing rabbit trails on the Internet? Checking emails in order to avoid doing other work? Attending unnecessary meetings? This is a sure sign that you need a break. But, don’t mislead yourself in thinking […]

Increased Productivity in the Workplace with Good Relationships with Employees

Maintaining a good relationship with the people you work with will result in increased productivity in the workplace and a stress-free environment. Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance. You spend eight hours of your day at the office, and that is certainly a big chunk of time. Apart […]

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