Control Your Focus = Better Productivity & Less Stress

As a “motivational speaker” on stress management and productivity, I Keynote lots of association events where psychologists, therapists, counselors and other mental health professionals are in attendance.

The more I researched and chatted with those mental health professionals, the more I started to see a pattern in how they helped those who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Ask them what they believe the root cause of most stress and anxiety is, and you’ll hear it is people trying to control situations or people that lie outside of their control.

  • Business leaders and owners feel anxiety about the potential future of their companies.
  • Parents and those in relationships stress about actions their loved ones might take.
  • People under deadline worry what might or might not occur if they fall short of their big goals.

These are certainly all important concerns, but if they are what you focus on daily, you are headed for a challenging road that will likely lead you away from your desired destination.

This coming year, hit more of your goals by consistently reminding yourself and others that a daily focus on execution beats worrying about outcomes all day, every day.

Here is a video on this idea. It is on beating holiday stress, but it is also a great way to create New Year’s Resolutions you are much more likely to hit.

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