Thriver Quiz: Motivation and Goals


There are three types of hard working adults who operate in a high demanding job. The first group is the Thrivers. These people are productive in their work and also have the energy and time to sustain a personal and professional life balance. On the other extreme are the Strugglers who do not operate in a high demanding job and most likely leave on their own to pursue opportunities elsewhere. In the middle are the Strivers who sometimes thrive and sometimes struggle. Strivers work as hard as the Thrivers and succeed, but oftentimes struggle with stress, anxiety and overwhelming feelings.

When I wrote the book, Change Your Day Not Your Life, I created the Thriver Quiz to help people identify the ways of thinking and living that are helping or hindering them in a high-demand environment. To take the quiz now, visit to see if you are a Thriver, Striver or Struggler. 

One of my favorite questions on the quiz is, “How often are your daily patterns motivating you to accomplish your goals?” 

In other words, is your daily routine consistently motivating you to thrive or is it creating obstacles, resistance or procrastination that cause you to struggle? 

In the quiz, 30% of people said that their day rarely helps them out. This means they’re always fighting against struggling. 48% said their day sometimes helps them. Only 22% felt that their day really positions them to accomplish their goals most of the time. That is only 1 in 5. 

Think about it like this: Does my daily flow really help motivate me to accomplish my goals or is it causing resistance? 

If you’d like some ideas on how to do that, don’t try to change your whole life, just change your day. Second, go to my website to read other blogs. You can also buy my book Change Your Day Not Your Life. This book is outlined to help you design a better way of life that triggers you to be motivated and accomplish your goals.

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