Whiteboard Series #2 Get Excited for Work


We’ve all had days where we don’t want to be at work. We often struggle to find motivation and rarely get excited to perform our jobs. How do you motivate yourself and your fellow workers to get out of that rut and get excited about work? 

Many people think getting paid more, having better employee-management relations or more career advancement opportunities is the answer. This may be the case in some situations, but what works the best for every situation is sincere interest. In a survey conducted by Tower Watkins in 2008, the number one answer was: “senior management’s sincere interest in employees’ well being.”

In a typical work place, only 4 out of 10 employees on average feel as though management cares about them. This is only 43% of workers. Employees become more engaged in their work place when they feel they are cared about. When they feel this, employees become 18% more productive, 59% feel more creative and loyalty in the workplace rises. A business or company that has engaged workers experiences twice as much net profit, 12% more customer advocacy and are 35% more efficient. 

Now that you know the solution to being more excited about work and its benefits, how are you going to implement it? The first thing you need to do is answer the following questions and make a list of what is most important then implement it. Ask yourself, who matters the most and how can you show a sincere interest in their well-being?

Once you begin to check off that list, you will see a positive chain of reaction begin to occur. Employees will become more engaged and customers will be more satisfied. This generates more word-of-mouth for your business. Customers will be more willing to recommend you to others, which will drive more business your way.

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