Whiteboard Series: Re-energize Yourself at Work in 5 Seconds or Less


We all experience days where we can’t seem to find the energy to get through the workday. There’s no need for coffee or energy drinks. Re-energizing yourself can be done in five seconds or less with this simple question: “Why are you working so hard?” This question is part of the Thriver Quiz, which helps you identify if you are a Thriver, striver or struggler. A Thriver is someone who is energetic and motivated, a struggler is someone who is stressed and exhausted and a striver is someone who fluctuates between the two.

People who are able to answer this question with something positive and motivational in less than five seconds are part of the Thriver category. Strivers find themselves taking up to twenty seconds to answer this because of a lack of clarity. If you find that you have to really think about this question for more than twenty seconds, then you are part of the strugglers category.

Fifty-one percent of people who have taken this quiz were able to answer quickly with a motivating reason as to why they are working so hard, which makes them thrivers. The other forty-nine percent fall into the striver/struggler category because they don’t have the clarity on why they are working so hard.

Portland State University of Michigan has conducted research that focuses on what energizes us at work. They found that people who are energized and thriving are more meaning oriented. Meaning and thriving are interconnected because finding meaning motivates you. In order to be meaning oriented, you need to have clarity as to why you are working so hard.

Clarity is energy in today’s complex world. The meaning pyramid helps you find and clarify meaning with only three questions.

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