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Questioning Leads to Understanding

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance. 

child questionSome of the greatest minds in the world make a habit of doing the same thing- asking questions. We have a short time on this earth, and if we aren’t constantly curious, then we aren’t truly engaged. With so many viewpoints, cultures and ways of understanding the world, to assume that we have conquered understanding is to severely limit our development.

I try to treat every day as an adventure and appreciate the opportunities I have to explore. I’ve found that this has given me a more meaningful, interesting and fun life.

Especially as I’ve watched my children grow, I have a fresh appreciation for maintaining a childlike sense of wonder. Imagination is the heart of innovation and invention comes from asking questions.

So get in the habit of indulging your curiosity and trying to learn as much as we can to achieve success and know ourselves.

You will never achieve success if you don’t ask questions every step of the way. If you don’t question your actions you won’t know if you are on the right track until it is too late and that could prove to be costly to your ambitions. Questioning your actions and motives will also give you a better understanding of yourself.

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Never Feel Bad When Asking Questions

Asking questions will improve your understanding of things.

Asking questions will improve
your understanding of things.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Its necessary to ask questions when you don’t understand. Asking a question doesn’t mean that you’re stupid or annoying. It’s better to ask and understand something you didn’t know than doing it in a wrong way and therefore having to redo it once again. You should never feel bad about asking questions.

By frequently asking the right questions, you always improve your understanding and get to know new things. Questions are always necessary in a conversation because the narrator will see your interest in their topic and therefore giving them the urge to continue. In your quest for success, you should always ask questions so that you can get the right information and ideas.

Asking questions makes the conversation complete and can win you new friends. Seeking to know about what others feel is not only polite but also very useful in life. When you ask questions frequently, you understand many things about yourself that you didn’t know.

If you always talk all the time without asking questions, you are destining yourself to a life without learning. When you are not open minded and can’t ask questions that keep on unsettling you, you can never achieve anything in life. So it’s advisable to ask questions, all the time, and keep your mind open to new information.

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