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Success Under Stress – Improve your energy and immunity with a better Future View

Beat stress with optimism

Future view, stress and immunity

Summary: Have you ever came down with a cold right after you finish a big project or return from a trip? Stress can zap your immune system and make you more susceptible to illness and infection.  You can, however, increase your immune system’s strength with a better future view.   This article and video give you three solid steps to improve yours.  (Also published on Success.com)


When you think about your future, how positive is that picture?  Your future view either sabotages your energy and makes you more likely to get sick or it increases your positive energy and resiliency to stress and illness.

We think about the future many times each day.  Each time you do, what do you focus on?  Is your view of the future optimistic and full of possibilities, or is filled with stressful and worry? 

After 23 years of being a stress motivational speaker and researching working adults, I’m absolutely clear on one thing:

People who thrive under stress have better future views.

Let me back up that statement with some research.  In a 2010 study published in Psychological Science, researchers studied 124 law students to determine if their future view, how optimistic they see their future, affected their immune system.  They found that those with a more optimistic view of their future had significantly stronger immune responses. 

Meaning, their attitude made their body better at fighting infection.

That’s interesting don’t you think?  It gets even more interesting. 

As a “motivational speaker” on stress and productivity, I sometimes get push back when I share that being optimistic gives you a strategic advantage in life.  Some will say, “I’m just not that optimistic of a person.”

The really interesting aspect of this study is that the researchers found that the students baseline level of optimism did not have a significant affect on their immune system. 

This is great news, because you don’t have to be full-blown optimist to get the amazing benefits of improving your future view.  Even cynical, pessimistic, “dooms dayers”  can get the same, full benefits of an improved immune response if they improve their future view. 

We don’t have control over what the future holds, but we do have control over how we view our future.  This study shows that our bodies are designed to thrive when we look forward with optimism.  

Here are three steps to help you create a better future view:

A. Take a mental snap shot of your current future view.

What do you see when you look to the future?  How does that picture make you feel? 

B. Improve it.

Identify anything that can help support a better future view.  I flesh out how to do this in another stress management video, called 1 out of 3: How people who thrive under stress stay motivated.

C. Make it a pattern.

Whenever you think about the future, I want you to make that a trigger to refocus on how to make the future look better.

For example, I was the closing Keynote speaker for a group of meeting professionals call the Society of Government Meeting Professionals.  Their organization is going through some big changes.  I asked them, and I ask you – When you look to the future are you focusing on the uncertainty or the opportunity?  The added work or the chance to stand out?  The loss of stability or appreciation for what you have?

By choosing a more optimistic view, you will not only increase your energy and motivation, but you will strengthen your immune system.

I know this is a simple idea, but the better you get at developing a better future view the better your chances are at being successful under stress.

Contact Andy Core if you would like to improve the future view of your people – 800.605.8480, nanci@andycore.com

CITATION: Optimistic Expectancies and Cell-Mediated Immunity: The Role of Positive Affect.” Segerstrom, Suzanne C.; Sephton, Sandra E. Psychological Science, Volume 21 (3), February 2010, Pages 448-455.


Corporate Wellness is a Vital Topic for a Business Keynote Speaker

A business keynote speaker expresses how corporate wellness is vital to ensuring your workplace is as efficient as possible.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance. 

Once you’ve found the perfect mix of employees in your workplace, the next step is making sure everyone is doing well on a daily basis. Business keynote speaker Andy Core shares some advice on what works when it comes to maintaining a healthy work environment.

  • Pay attention to your employees. Getting to know their names and incorporating a personal element helps make employees feel valued and respected: in turn, this can drive them to work harder for their managers. However, make sure to maintain a boundary of professionalism.
  • Offer perks. Our business keynote speaker says that benefits don’t have to be as splashy as what Google offers their employees, but simple perks like gym memberships, access to healthy food and babysitting can help people forge a deeper connection to their jobs. Happy workers are productive workers.
  • Company events. It might seem cheesy to host annual picnics or baseball games, but team-building exercises foster a sense of community between employees.
  • On-going training. One of the most important things in today’s ever-changing job landscape is the maintenance of skills. By offering your employees the chance to upgrade their qualifications in-house, you’re providing an environment where people feel as though they’re important.

A business keynote speaker reminds you that one of your responsibilities as a manager is to make not only your business as competitive as possible, but to remember that the people you’ve hired to make your business successful are just that ­ people.

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A Business Keynote Speaker On How the Customer is King

The customer is king. Though it is commonly said, many business keynote speakers say it is not widely practiced.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being, and Peak Human Performance.

A Little Goes a Long Way

A business keynote speaker emphasizes that customers need to be treated with respect for they are the integral part of a business’s growth. When a customer is looking for a product in the store, for example, the employee needs to take the extra step by showing the customer exactly where it is. This little gesture can make a customer’s day and he or she is more likely to recommend the shop to others.

The business keynote speaker stresses that the person serving the customer needs to be courteous at all times, even when they are dealing with difficult customers. That is why it’s important to train your staff on all aspects of customer service, so they know how to deal with all sorts of situations. This will keep the customer happy.

Give a Little Bit

It’s always nice when the customer gets more than what he or she expected. This could be as small as giving them a smile or even a coupon. This gives the customer a reason to remember the business and will want to go back to it. These are simple steps that businesses can take to please customers. Customers need to be shown that they are appreciated and valued and they will keep coming back. Any business keynote speaker would absolutely recommend these points.

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Business Keynote Speakers Give Tips on Negotiating

Negotiation skills come in handy in any career. These simple tips from business keynote speakers can help you get an upper hand.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being, and Peak Human Performance.

Business keynote speakers encourage some things when it comes to negotiating.

It’s Important to Listen

Before opening your mouth, it’s important to listen to what the other side has to say. Jumping to conclusions can create a bad impression. Make sure you are relaxed and give the other party the opportunity to speak before you ask questions. Tell the truth about your situation. For example, if you are having negotiations about a loan, make sure you say the exact amount that you owe. Being transparent will make your life much easier. This can increase the number of business relationships you have.

Conquer the Nerves

Business keynote speakers remind you that you might find that the one you are negotiating with is as nervous as you are. Try to relax by arriving early to the meeting place and finding a good way to relax. This could involve some breathing exercises or listening to some music. Have a lot of information about what you are going to negotiate. This will give you an upper hand over your counterpart. It can also give you more confidence and therefore you are more likely to get what you want at the negotiating table.

These are some tips that business keynote speakers would give to those who want to negotiate successfully.

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A Business Keynote Speaker Believes that Time Management is Essential

Time management is often vital to everything we do as business keynote speaker Andy Core suggests

Business keynote speaker Andy Core reminds us that time management is vital to everything we do as a successful business.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Personal Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

What is Time Management?

Time management is a topic that most any business keynote speaker will talk about eventually. This involves being efficient with the time that one has, especially in a working environment when there are deadlines to be met. It can also apply to a persons’ personal time. This can include planning, allocating and setting goals. When planning, it is essential to have a goal in mind. You need to stick to the plan and the time you have allocated each task. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, but its best to re-schedule if needs be.

The Right Person for the Job

A business keynote speaker will tell you that when allocating the best people for a job it’s good to look at people who are trained to do that particular task. The person needs to work efficiently with the time they are given for the task. The person needs to work economically with available resources. When setting goals they need to be goals that are achievable and realistic. This specific attribute can take time to master, but it becomes easier with practice. It can be demoralising to set goals that people will not be able to attain. There has to be a balance between setting goals high and choosing goals that are achievable.

Overall, you need to work efficiently with the time you are allocated at work and this is why any business keynote speaker will emphasize this point.

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