Top Reasons for Low Levels of Productivity in the Workplace

Lower levels of productivity in the workplace can be caused by the smallest of things. Take note and improve on the little aspects of your work habits.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being, and Peak Human Performance.

Productivity in the workplace is something that doesn’t come over night. It’s a process that develops into a culture of doing things. Here are some reasons why you may not be as productive as you ought to be.

Fear of Failure

Whenever faced with the possibility of failure you will find that many people are reluctant to take action. In the end, this will affect your productivity in the workplace. Some would rather not risk failure because they are of the notion that once you fail, you will always qualify as a failure.

The Comfort Zone

As an employee, you have things that you are comfortable doing and often don’t want to explore other challenging tasks. This may be caused by any of many reasons, like fear of uncertainty and so on. When you are stay in your comfort zone, you don’t grow, you are stagnant and sooner or later it will start to affect your performance in the workplace


Many people lack commitment to achieving something. Commitment is that focus on the end result that has nothing to do with how it happens, but cares only to make it happen. Many people fail to do something mainly because it doesn’t look like it would go the way they plan it should.

The Right Time

Waiting for the right time has killed many people’s dreams. Many haven’t done things even at work because they feel the right time hasn’t come. Some actually haven’t gone through what they ought to because of the right time. In the end, you become very ineffective because of waiting.

These are some of the reasons why productivity in the workplace is low and they need to be addressed at an individual level.

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