The Importance of Productivity in the Workplace

Andy Core is an author and speaker on Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Any effective and successful business understands the importance of productivity in the workplace. Being productive can help the firm increase and utilize the capacity of the human resources it has. Most productive companies have happy and healthy employees, which are the basis of a successful organization. In the video and outline below, I’ve listed the reasons why productivity is important to the employees, employer and the customers. In the video I also share three ideas that I present in my productivity Keynote presentations and workshops that will increase motivation, also known as “proactive behavior.”

If you are looking for information on increasing your personal productivity and work life balance, also watch this video –

Customer Benefit

Productivity in the workplace will often translate into good customer service and interaction. This total client experience is the key to satisfying customers and clients, and almost all highly productive companies use this to gain customer loyalty. When a customer is loyal to your business, they will share their experience with others, which is a marketing advantage coming out of high levels of productivity.

The Company

The employees themselves are an investment, and like any investment, they should yield a healthy or worthwhile return to the company. Therefore, when employees are highly productive the company achieves its goals of investing in them in the first place. Productivity also helps to motivate the workplace culture and boost moral, producing an even better company environment.

The Work Force

More often than not, when a firm is highly productive, it eventually becomes successful, and because of this, incentives are bound to be made available to the employees. These include pay raises, bonuses, medical insurance and so on. This will also motivate employees and gives them more job opportunities as the company grows. Productivity in the workplace is an important aspect of every company and when top management understands this concept, success is just around the corner. However, if your company doesn’t give you the incentive to increase productivity, you may want to start looking for another job because the lifeblood of your company is running out.

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