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Dr. Core specializes is helping working adults thrive under high demand. His “Change Your Day, Not Your Life” philosophy makes work-life balance not only possible, but doable. Your people will leave excited and thankful for your investment in them.


At the End of the Day, Results Rule
Dr. Core’s research division, Core Research Lab, conducts proprietary work-life balance research with leading companies and associations. Andy teaches the mindsets and strategies proven to “move the needle” on performance, resilience, and loyalty.

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Energize Your Evaluations
Clients describe Andy’s presentations as a perfect blend of strategies, humor, and positivity. Whether it’s kick-starting meetings, breaking up an intense schedule, or reviving your people after “casino night,” Andy delivers unforgettable experiences.



Life Balance Speaker Highlight Reel

“He delivers his message with such enthusiasm, you can’t help but want to make changes to your own life and influence those around you.” 
-Chair, CPHCA


Success Under Stress Video Series

“In less than two weeks Andy’s video on willpower jumped to the top 20 most viewed videos on’s Youtube channel.”


Diverse Jobs, All-Hands Meetings, User Conferences, Leaders, Front Line, Sales, Admin, … & All Genders and All Collars (White, Blue, and No Collar)

Let's Teach Your attendees

How to stay motivated when under stress

How to significantly reduce the hormone that makes you want to strangle people

How to get off the “I wish I could spend more time with my friends and family” treadmill

Let's Teach Your LEADERS

How to stay calm and energized when stress hits

Strategies to keep people motivated when facing big workloads, big goals, or big changes

How to communicate change in a way that fuels focus, positivity, and proactivity


Clients that hired and rehired Andy to inspire & equip their people to excel professionally & personally

Exit Corporation

Convention Keynote 2X

“Andy, thank you once again for presenting at our event last month.  It was so wonderful to see our associates recognize you and welcome you back.  Your message was tremendously well received and as simple as “Change Your Day, Not Your Life” may sound, it inspired an “ah-ha” moment with so many.  Thank you for helping make this event awesome!”

Take good care!
Christina Luis, Senior Vice President
EXIT Corp. International


Annual Conference Keynote 2X

“Andy, our investment in bringing you in as Keynote speaker for our two larger events produced a great ROI.  You brought energy and knowledge to our professional community event. Your session was high impact, practical, and left our audience with concrete take away to improve their own productivity and the departments they manage. In addition, it was a lot of fun and you were wonderful to work with.” 

RD Whitney

American Association of Medical Society Executives

Kickoff Keynotes 2X

Dear Andy, thank you for providing a valuable experience for both our AAMSE County CEO Event and our AAMSE Annual Conference. I’m excited to tell you that you were named our “Top Influencer” at this year’s convention! You provided a great mix of research, humor and practical ideas that resonated with our members. In short, I appreciate how you helped us: 
– Remind our attendees how meaningful our work is; 
– Show clear ways to improve productivity in a rapidly changing industry; and 
– Demonstrate, as an organization, that we sincerely care about our members, both professionally and personally. 

Please consider AAMSE a very satisfied client. 

Dale Singer, MHA 
AAMSE President  

Best Selling Author

Change Your Day, Not Your Life 

Debuted at #16 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases
Top 25 Work-Life Best Seller four years later

“This book is an indispensable guide to succeeding in a high-speed world.” -Vince Poscente, New York Times Best Selling Author of The Age of Speed and Hall of Fame Speaker

“Leaders at any level need to sustain positive energy to get the job done. This book will give you a practical process for getting and staying energized. Read it and benefit from Andy Core’s advice.” -Mark Sanborn, Best selling author of The Fred Factor and You Don’t Need a title to be a Leader

About Andy Core

Andy Core is a credentialed, award-winning author/speaker on thriving in high demand organizations. He provides business person best practices that improve employee engagement, productivity, and resiliency. 

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Suggested Presentation Topics

Below are Dr. Cores’s most requested presentations. Each has earned top-rated speaker honors and are always up to date with the latest research. Plus, they are customized based on the event, audience, and location. Want a topic customized to your theme? No problem.

1. Change Your Day, Not Your Life

The great paradox is this: hardworking adults striving to achieve more often end up defaulting to daily life that is undermining their ability to succeed.  Author Andy Core can help you beat this, and he does so with a surprisingly simple premise – Change Your Day, Not Your Life.

2. Life Balance & Redefining Humanly Possible 

Today’s working culture can have you constantly running 90mph, hair on fire. Tomorrow will get faster. The good news is that what you yearn for – more balance in your life – is actually the solution to your more with less dilemma. In this program, you will learn how to improve your work-life balance, productivity, and ability to stay motivated in turbulent times.

3. Leading Under Stress 

This program specializes in teaching leaders how to energize their people and themselves when they need it most.  Your leaders will learn two evidence-based ideas and a formula they will use to better manage times of high workload and organizational or industry change and communicate change in a way that improves focus and “proactive behavior.”  Providing this program will help your leaders and teams be more successful under stress.

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