You Got to Get Up to Get Down

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You got to get up to get down.
-James Brown

As your morning alarm rings into action, what are you first thoughts of the day?

My morning began today at 4:32AM, but not to the sound of an alarm clock.  It was the sound of baby girl crying with a bad ear infection.  Over the last four nights, I have gotten less than one nights sleep. As I sat up this morning, well…, have you ever been so tired that it made you feel a little nauseous? As my eyes opened, all I could think about was getting her medicine, a diaper, and then handing her to momma and going back to sleep.

As I stood up, I have to admit that I was nowhere near Mr. Positive Life Balance Speaker guy. I was much closer to Mr. Cranky Negative Procrastination boy.  I really, really wanted to go back to bed. This negativity was compounded by the fact that someone forgot to refill the diaper drawer, meaning I had to walk to the opposite end of the house.  On the return trip, to my surprise, I started feeling better. The short walk across the house had been just enough physical motion to start changing my attitude.  I was beginning to feel a little less tired and, believe it or not, more optimistic about what was on the day’s to do list.

After I got Camille back to sleep, I was faced with the same moment of truth you face each morning when your alarm goes off.  Either get up and get going or give in, reset the alarm clock and go back to sleep.  This morning, due to some physical motion, I chose to get up and I am really glad I did. The next time you are tired, either first thing or at 3 P.M., remember the Core Principle – Positive Motion Creates Positive Emotion.  Have you heard this tip before? Sure.  Do you need to hear it again?  Yeah.  Should you try it right now?  I don’t know, are you tired or a little mentally fuzzy?



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