The First Year of College Can Be the Hardest

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Peer pressure will be strong, especially for students with new-found extra freedom

Peer pressure will be strong, especially for students
with new-found extra freedom

Starting college can be a very difficult time in a young adult’s life. For many, it’s the first time they’ll be away from home. For those staying at home, or near home, the adjustment can still be hard, as they’ll often be struggling for independence, while parents may be trying to hold on to their authority.

In addition, a student may be having trouble deciding on a major. It can be overwhelming to try to choose a lifelong career at such a young age.  Some students may have coasted through high school and now find themselves having to try a little harder to make the grades in their college courses.

Making the right choices will be most difficult for freshmen, as they will undoubtedly wish to fit in. It is important to keep goals in mind when temptation to do the wrong thing comes into play.

Studying is important, but students should also leave themselves time for some fun. Finding a balance is key. Self-confidence will also keep students on track, and after the first year is under their belts, it will surely become easier to get into the proper habits for success throughout the rest of college.

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