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Productivity is the number one goal in business. It’s a barometer of the potential profit and employee efficiency. It’s also impossible to sustain with the wrong attitude. Bring in Andy to talk to your business and watch your productivity rates soar. From staying energized to changing your life, applying Andy’s advice will help anyone be more motivated and increase in productivity.

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The fact that I immediately rehired after your presentation to speak again that afternoon says it all. As you know, our industry is facing a lot of change and immense competition. Your program, “Change Your Day, Not Your Life” gave solid ideas on how to stay motivated and energized to meet those challenges. You stated, “These ideas can help you reclaim your afternoon productivity, increasing overall daily productivity by 12.5%.” I think that statistic underestimates what these ideas can do for people in leadership and sales. Thanks again for adapting your program to my group.
Steve Litwer – OnMedia Senior, VP

Andy Core is a credentialed, experienced and awarding winning speaker and author.

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Upcoming hardcover book. Accomplish More. Stress Less. Stay Motivated.

Awarded the Top 5 Global Speaker in Healthcare designation.

Andy is 54 out of 100 for productivity speakers to follow on Twitter.

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Andy is a great hire when you need to motivate people to live healthier. His programs include:
Work-Life Balance | Productivity | Stress Management | Wellness

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Change Your Day, Not Your Life
A realistic guide to sustained motivation, more productivity, and the art of working well
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Author and speaker on work-life balance, productivity and wellbeing
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