Do Women React To Stress Differently Than Men?

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Women react to stress differently than men!

Women react to stress differently than men!

In order to deal with stress women commonly draw support from friends and family. While men cope by engaging in any activity that will keep them distracted. According to a recent study women are shown to respond to stress in a different way than men. The study states that unlike men, women usually experience physical symptoms of stress.

The findings suggest that women, who tend to be more reserved and self-protective, generally are at increased cardiovascular risk, whereas in the case of men, they seem to usually remain unaffected.

Moreover, women who are defensive by nature also seem to suffer from the same symptoms.  Additionally, defensiveness is an attribute that entails rejection or evasion of information supposed as intimidating. Researchers of the study say that in women, a strong defensive response to others unjust perception of them, will cause them to suffer from high blood pressure and a rapid heart rate.

Furthermore, during the study heart rate and blood pressure of different women were calculated in various stress inducing circumstances, and also the cortisol levels were measured too. Results depicted that women had high autonomic, cardiovascular and endocrine rate to stress which is potentially quite detrimental to their overall health.

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