Four Ways to Engage Your Employees in Workplace Wellness Programs

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It's important to involve your employees in a workplace wellness program. Their welfare is crucial to productivity as a healthy employee is a ready-to-work employee.

Workplace wellness programs can be customized to the needs of your employees. Make your wellness programs attractive and get more of your employees interested.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

Simply offering workplace wellness programs won’t make your employees take them up. Just as you must engage them in their work, you must engage them in corporate wellness. This could be done as a one-on-one about how maintaining health is maintaining performance levels, or a meeting where you can explain the importance of their welfare. Sometimes, it even requires switching up your wellness programs to something more necessary. These are four ways to get your employees engaged in a workplace wellness program:

Implement Wellness Programs That Everybody Can Use

Humans have different needs, but most humans have some needs in common. Things like stress relief, healthy eating, and exercise are all general needs and offering a wellness program for all is sure to attract more employees than a wellness program more suited for only a few employees.

Reward Participation

Incentives create the desire to work harder and you can use them to engage more employees into a wellness program. Some employees believe that the benefit of healthy living is not enough to join a wellness program so offering a reward might change a few minds.

Sell the Idea

Like a sales pitch, make the wellness program look like a big deal. Don’t just educate them, emphasize to your employees all the good things they can reap from joining and make it seem as if it’ll change their life, which could happen. A few methods of persuasion might be enough to get them interested.

Make it Fun

Being healthy doesn’t mean being boring. Give your wellness programs a little pizzazz. People want to have fun so make the activities more attractive. Instead of offering a free healthy lunch, what about a free healthy dinner somewhere nice? Instead of offering time for jogging, what about a regular schedule for group exercise?

Getting your employees into corporate wellness is serious business, but it doesn’t have to be unattractive. Make your employees want to be healthy; make workplace wellness programs look like a great opportunity.

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