Water Exercises For Arthritis Patients

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 Water-based exercise can be very effective for arthritis!

Water-based exercise can be
very effective for arthritis!

If you suffer from arthritis and aim to include exercise to tame the condition to a degree, then look into water exercise. Exercising in warm water can prove to the best if you have arthritis. This is because with water-based exercises your body is well supported. Additionally when you try to move through water, there is a certain resistance that comes into play which helps to build your strength and stamina.

Water exercise can be performed at the beach, a water pool etc. Though, if you have arthritis it’s best to exercise in a pool where the temperature is regulated and preferably a heated pool. This form of exercise is usually known as hydrotherapy. Now there are various kinds of exercises you can perform in the water, but the one that would be most appropriate for you, depends on your preferences and the kind of arthritis you have.

A few examples of water exercise you can incorporate include aquarobics, waves warm water exercise, hydrotherapy etc. Waves warm water program are intended for arthritis patients. Aquarobics comprises of water-based work outs that target to enhance your overall fitness level. Hydrotherapy, as mentioned earlier, is specifically provided by physiotherapists and is best if you are an amateur.


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