Turning Negative Events into Positive Lessons

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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance

Sometimes life hands you lemons. The key to dealing with the bad, is to focus on the good. Even if you’ve made an error in judgment or taken an inappropriate action that has had negative impact, you can chalk it up to a lesson learned.

Try to find the positive in situations, and roll with the punches.

Try to find the positive in
situations,and roll with the

As long as you can take away some wisdom or knowledge, an unhappy event doesn’t need to be viewed as a total loss. It’s fine to feel sad or discouraged for a while, but you can’t wallow in self-pity or disgust.

Always strive to be your best, but know that you are a flawed human being. You will make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes will cause you trouble in your life. But don’t be too hard on yourself. Chances are, whatever you’ve done wrong, has been done by a million other people before you.

Besides learning from your own mistakes, you can also learn lessons from other people’s actions. If you see someone else who is succeeding, try to follow their examples. If you see someone struggling from doing the wrong thing, it can help you see what not to do.

By observing and learning from others, you can save yourself the trouble of making those same mistakes in your own life.

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