How To Treat Restless Leg Syndrome By Making A Few Lifestyle Changes

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Fatigue and stress can exacerbate symptoms of RLS!

Fatigue and stress can exacerbate symptoms of RLS!

One can employ several efficient strategies in order to take care of Restless Legs Syndrome or RLS. A few lifestyle alterations alone can diminish the symptoms of RLS.

If possible, lose weight or simply incorporate moderate exercise

Daily physical activity, such as moderate paced aerobic exercise or bodyweight resistance training can decrease the symptoms of restless legs syndrome notably. On the other hand be wary of the fact that excessive exercise can actually exacerbate the symptoms of RLS. If you are overweight, losing a few pounds too will be beneficial for RLS as excess weight tends to put extra pressure on your legs.

Keep fatigue at bay by sleeping better.

Primarily in order to avoid fatigue, try sticking to a regular sleeping schedule so that you are able to sleep better. Fatigue has shown to worsen the symptoms of restless legs syndrome, so getting enough and proper sleep is vital for taming issues caused by RLS.

Consider adding dietary supplements to your diet.

Firstly get tested for any deficiencies that you might be suffering from. You might be low on calcium, iron, vitamin A and so on, hence it’s crucial to know what vitamins and minerals your body lacks. After the tests your doctor will be able to prescribe you appropriate supplements for your deficiencies.

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