Top 10 Resolutions for Killer 2011

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Originally published in Corporate Meetings and Incentives Magazine in Jan. 2011, this is Andy’s expanded version.

Resolution: To Be More Connected

  1. Better manage your transitions between work-life and travel-life
    These brief moments of transition when you move from work to your personal life and vice-versa, set the tone for the rest of that day and sometimes days to come. Considering the possible lingering effects, it is worth; getting up a bit earlier, taking an extra trip around the block before you land home, or whatever you need to do to be in a patient and encouraging state for your friends and family.
    * For more on how to do this, check out Organic Motivation

  2. Make gratitude a conscious, nightly focus
    Researchers from U.C. Davis suggest that reviewing the simple day-to-day things that you are grateful for increases your motivation to do things like exercise, and it significantly reduces stress and anxiety. Do this with your loved ones before bed and you have connected two birds with one stone.
    * For more info on how to do this, check out – The Gratitude-Motivation Connection

  3. Choose your friends wisely
    List the top three most encouraging people in your life. Ask yourself, “What can I do to encourage them? What can I do so that we encourage each other more often?”
    * For new, very inspirational video on how to do this, check out this “Fitness Witness” video on Youtube

Resolution: To Have More Energy

  1. Stuff you suitcase, purse and briefcase with protein bars
    You might say, “Andy, don’t those have a lot of calories?” Maybe, but they have fewer calories than a candy bar or a six foot chocolate fondue fountain, and will provide longer lasting energy as well.

  2. Take your evidence based vitamins
    Unless you eat five fruits and veggies a day and two servings of cold water fish a week, then it’s worth swilling 8oz of water along with a Multivitamin, 1200mg Calcium, 1000mg flax seed or fish oil and 1500mg glucosamine supplements right after breakfast.

  3. Stimulate responsibly
    Caffeine is optional, but too much early in the day is like taking out a high interest loan against your afternoon productivity. Most people can have up to four six once cups of coffee a day without stimulating unnecessarily stress, sleeplessness and crankiness. Oh, this amount of coffee has shown it can reduce your chances of cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart disease.
    * For info on how to strategically use caffeine, without the potential negative side effects.

  4. Implement a Nightly Deep Sleep System
    Two hours before bed shut down your fluid intake. One hour before bed cool & darken your bedroom so you body gets the signal to “go deep.” You’ll sleep deeper, wake up and feel great.

  5. Fry stress with three interval exercise sessions a week
    Warm up for five minutes, then do twenty minutes of your favorite exercise alternating one minute of pushing it a little (about 80-90% effort), with two minutes of slow and steady recovery, then cool down. Interval training is the #1 most efficient way to to clear stress and crankiness, and not to mention boost the fitness of your heart and lungs.
    * My favorite exercise to ensure you are warmed up for interval training.

Resolution: To Be More Productive and Focused

  1. Schedule thirty minutes right after lunch to outline tomorrow’s highest value activities
    Productivity experts swear by this, and the bonus is that it will also help keep your mind from racing when you are trying to sleep that night.

  2. Physically remove the snooze button from your alarm clock
    Those last few interrupted minutes of sleep are poor quality and will make you feel more worse than if you just got up. Plus, they will likely add a rushing energy to your morning, which is stress you don’t need.
    * A story about this tip.



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