Top 10 Health Mistakes Women Make

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I thought we would have a little fun this month. First, check out my latest Top 10 list below, then my last blog entry (Killer Couch).

I recently did a couple of Keynotes for Speaking of Women’s Health (Indianapolis and Northwest Arkansas conferences). They ask their speakers to provide a Top Ten list for each session. Here is mine:

10. Marrying the wrong man. Is your significant other part of your support system or part of the problem? Stress increases your risk for all major chronic diseases and zaps your quality of life. If your hubby is not supportive, remind him of the #1 Law of the Universe – If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

9. Not eating enough chocolate. I pity the fool who stands between a woman and her chocolate. Splurging is a critical part of a successful diet and there is no better splurge than a little heart-healthy dark chocolate.

8. Thinking Risk Factor is a spin-off of the hit television show, “Fear Factor.” Do you know your family history of heart disease? Your cholesterol level? Had a mammogram lately? Catching health issues early is key to living a long, healthy and enjoyable life. For the tests you should do and when to go, visit:

7. Not talking enough. Socialization is the most powerful weapon in the fight for exercise motivation. Find an exercise buddy you like to talk to, but remember the #1 rule for exercise buddies – they have to be mean. Yes, mean. You want someone who will challenge you if you try to wimp out, and vice versa.

6. Thinking that walking is the best exercise on the planet. Walking is one of the best exercises; but the best for you is the one you will do! Even infomercial machines will work, if you will use them. Don’t make your exercise choice too complicated. Pick something you like, break a sweat 5 days a week, and then reap the rewards.

5. Thinking that living healthy is as complicated as programming your VCR. Programming your VCR is hard, following the cabbage soup diet is hard (and insane), but living healthy is not. One woman lost 90 lbs. just by walking the stairwell of her office building for 20 minutes of her lunch hour and leaving food on her plate at each meal.

4. Following the Sumo Diet. Sumo wrestlers want to gain weight at the fastest possible rate. Do they eat a lot? You bet. Do they eat all the time? No! They eat one huge meal a day at dinner. Get off the Sumo diet by following the old faithful: eating three squares and two snacks.

3. Eating lunch in your car or at your desk more than twice a week. Lunch is a preprogrammed time in your day where most can stop, take a breather and refuel. Intentionally stopping, taking a little time for you and eating something healthy can supercharge your afternoon attitude and energy.

2. Keeping their bedroom too hot. Are you hot in bed? A room that is too warm hinders your body’s ability to reach and stay in a deep sleep. Before bed, set the thermostat to 67° Fahrenheit and you will sleep deeper and feel great.

1. Not believing you can make your health better tomorrow than it is today. Healthy living works for every woman, every time. The only thing that stands between you and the body and life you want is nothing but the belief that you can. You may have a lot of reasons why you can’t, but you only need one that says you can.



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