Tips On How To Help A Depressed Friend!

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To help a depressed friend you need to be supportive and be there to listen!

To help a depressed friend you need
to be supportive and be there to listen!

Some individuals prefer opening up to their friends instead of their family or a professional. If you are friends with such a person, while the responsibility might overwhelm you, nevertheless there are things you can do to help your pal out:

Initiate the conversation. If you sense that your friend is depressed, it’s best that you strike the conversation first. Inquire about whether he or she is feeling alright and if they refuse to admit to it, simply state that you know something is wrong and that you are here to help and listen if they are willing.

You don’t need to have all the answers. Your friend will be aware of the fact that you might not have all the answers but regardless, at times just talking about what’s bothering helps a lot. Depressed individuals mostly just need someone to console them and support them through the rough patch. So be there to listen to his or her troubles and just say some kind words to lighten up their spirits.

Your friend might say or do things that might hurt you.  At times a depressed individual tends to vent out their emotions such as anger and frustration on a close one. So be ready to take a dose of the release and do not take it personally. Just listen to them and eventually they will calm down.

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