Tips On How To Help A Child Who Is A Cyber-bully

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Mentioned below are a few tips for parents on how to deal with a child who engages in cyber-bullying:

Teach your child about the impact of cyber-bullying: Seek advice from a professional such as a business keynote speaker in that area as children mostly can’t really grasp the extent of the damage that bullying causes. It is your responsibility to educate them about the affects cyber-bullying can have on others. Try cultivating empathy in your child by giving them a glimpse of what the victims of bullying actually go through. Moreover, warn them about the legal ramifications of cyber-bullying so that they may refrain from doing it again.

You need to educate your children about the impact cyber-bullying has on the victims!

You need to educate your children about
the impact cyber-bullying has on the victims!

Help your child find proper ways to deal with stress: Cyber-bullying can be a channel of release for some kids. Talk to a business keynote speaker as he/she can assist you with tools that can help to dispel their anxiety, stress, fears and frustrations. In order for them to stop resorting to bullying for release, you need to teach your children to cope with their emotions through decent and healthy ways. For instance, get them in the habit of regularly engaging in physical activity or help them be more social etc.

Decrease their access to technology: Establish some fixed timing in which your child is allowed to use the phone or use the computer. Plus make it known that their activities on both will be monitored and that if you end up finding out anything suspicious, they will be punished accordingly!

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