Move Forward: An Admonition From a Keynote Speaker

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Finding a Job

A keynote speaker reminds us that finding a job that matches our skills and capabilities is especially hard these days.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

A renowned keynote speaker, Andy Core, would like you to become successful in the field you have chosen. However, with such a high unemployment rate, how will you surpass the industry’s challenges?

We all know how the recession in the USA had affected many Americans, and even immigrants who have found a living in this enormous country. Though the government said that the country has finally overcome economic problems, many people are still having a hard time finding the right job in the career they have chosen. Now, if you are among those who cannot find a job, then you have to make decisions that will be beneficial to you.

Change Careers

Figure out if you need to change the career path you have been walking on. There may be opportunities in other fields apart from the one you have chosen. Finding a job in a different path may actually provide you the success you have been looking forward to.

If you are not interested in welcoming a change of career, then you have no other option but to embrace the very low rate you may hit from the industry you have chosen. Though the rate is a bit low compared to the levels that are acceptable, it is still better than not having anything at all.

Move to Greener Pastures

Our keynote speaker suggests that you could also move away. Seek for other opportunities that may be found in other states. This may be a huge leap and a risk some will not be able to take, as of course, it doesn’t guarantee you anything.

To sum it all up, finding work is surely a hard task these days, but when you know how to make adjustments, you may be able to find growth and assurance in the long run.

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