The Magic Letter– The Best 8 Minutes You Have Ever Spent

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If you travel for business, leaving your significant other behind is usually one of the biggest stresses you face. This stress, however, can reach critical mass when travel gets extended, unexpected trips pop up, trips get strung together into one long trip, etc. In my case, it is during the summer convention season.

I discovered the magic letter the day after I returned from just such a scenario. Imagine a very weary traveler lands home hoping for trumpets sounding and a “Yeah! You are home!” embrace. But rather, your welcome is a bit on the frosty side.

Taking care of the home front alone is often tiring and thankless. It is not hard to imagine that they could think “while you were traveling, eating room service and having fun, I am here keeping the ship afloat.” One of my friends and fellow business travelers, Andrew Marks, offers this work-life balance nugget.

“Andy, try this before your next trip.

1. A few days before you leave make a reservation at a favorite restaurant.

2. Write a quick letter to your significant other that reads like this:

‘Dear (insert pet name), I would like to cordially invite you to a dinner at (favorite place) at 7PM on Friday June 1st. I miss you and I am very excited to spend some much needed time with you. I can’t wait to hear about your week.
Love, …’

3. Send the letter three days before you are scheduled to return from the trip.”

After a week of traveling and eating at restaurants, the last thing I want to do is go to another restaurant, but that (and the eight minutes it takes me to make these arrangements) are a small price to pay for a happy homecoming.

Do you have a suggestion that could help the rest of us better manage our travel lives? If so, hit comment and share.



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