The fact that I immediately rehired you after your presentation to speak again that afternoon says it all. As you know, our industry is facing a lot of change and immense competition. Your program, “Change Your Day, Not Your Life” gave solid ideas on how to stay motivated and energized to meet those challenges. You stated, “These ideas can help you reclaim your afternoon productivity, increasing overall daily productivity by 12.5%.” I think that statistic underestimates what these ideas can do for people in leadership and sales. Thanks again for adapting your program to my group.
Steve Litwer – OnMedia Senior, VP

I’m both cautiously optimistic and strategic when choosing the keynote speaker to kick-off an event of this magnitude, and quite simply put… you under promised and over delivered! Your sheer enthusiasm and excitement for the establishment of a work-life balance was a “true speaker to listener” connection that synergized the entire rest of the day and set an amazing tone for the conference. Your passion was contagious!
Patti Kimbrough – Director of Special Events & Government Affairs, Fayetteville, AR

Andy, your program was extremely effective. The program helped “sort out” those key/prioritized areas that would have the most LONG TERM impact on our health. This program positively affected my performance at work, primarily because I noticed an increased energy level THROUGHOUT the day.
Ed Huber – Wal-Mart, Inc. Team Leader, The Clorox Company

When I took over as CEO of our foundation, it was important to get everyone reconnected and unified under our mission. Andy and I planned a Staff Rejuvenation Day to accomplish this. He researched our people and worked in-depth with me to ensure the program fit our culture and my goals. At the presentation, he persuasively illustrated how to thrive in our extremely busy work culture and why it is important right now to refocus and reconnect with our organizational mission.
James Kimbrough – Director of Development at Washington Regional Medical Foundation

Change Your Day, Not Your Life
A realistic guide to sustained motivation, more productivity, and the art of working well
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