Tai chi- A Low Impact Meditation Technique!

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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Tai chi will help to tame your stress levels and is also good for body conditioning!

Tai chi will help to tame your stress levels
and is also good for body conditioning!

One of the best ways to commence and maintain relaxation program is to integrate it gradually into your daily life. Though we all have several commitments that require our time, taking time out for a relaxation program is the same as taking time out for yourself. To truly benefit from a relaxation program you don’t necessarily need a change of venue or a complete time out, many of the methods can be practiced while you’re engaged in other things.

Tai chi just happens to be one of those programs that you can practice. Tai chi actually originates from martial arts and presently it is frequently practiced as a way of relaxing the nerves, alleviating stress and conditioning the body. Just like in yoga, tai chi followers focus on their movement, breathing and their center of focus.

You might have observed Tai chi enthusiasts in the park moving together in sync. Tai Chi is known to be a versatile program that is suitable for people who are new to meditation and even for advanced fitness enthusiasts.  It is based around self-paced and focused series of slow and elegant, flowing body movements. These movements strongly focus on one’s attentiveness and the conscious circulation of energy throughout the body.

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