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Silence The Chronic Worries To Be Able To Sleep Better

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

In order to sleep better you need to train your brain to correlate the bedroom with sleep!

In order to sleep better you need to train
your brain to correlate the bedroom with sleep!

Are you one of those individuals who lie awake thinking and worrying of daily matters even when you are exhausted as hell? Getting fixated about something and constantly worrying about it will disrupt your sleep and as a resultant the lack of sleep will make you snappy and cranky the next morning. Constant worrying can keep you up at night and make you tense and edgy during the day. There are several things you can do to combat this habit.

Keep all activities other than sleeping and resting out of the bedroom: Your aim is to train your brain to relate the bedroom with rest, sleep, and nothing else. You are not meant to do your office work, attend co-workers phone calls, play video games, read or work on your laptop in your bedroom. By training yourself to do so, every time you are in your bedroom your brain will automatically correlate it to the fact that it is time for you sleep!

Keep the bedroom clocks out of sight: Often when you are unable to sleep and have to wake up at a particular time, you keep staring at the clock restlessly, trying to figure out minute after minute, how much time you still have on your hands for sleeping.  So to get rid of this habit, keep the clocks away from sight and just use the alarm instead.

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A Professional Speaker Suggests Having a Day Care Center Near Your Workplace

Professional speaker suggests having somewhere closeby where your parent employees can leave their babies for reduced stress and improved productivity in the workplace.

A professional speaker suggests having day care close by where your parent employees can leave their small children for reduced stress and improved productivity in the workplace.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

Professional speakers suggest having a day care center near your workplace. Some of your employees are parents taking care of kids less than 5-years old. Some are even moms that are nursing their babies that are less than two of age. It can be difficult for these parents to work because they don’t have anyone to take care of their children nor anywhere to leave their children for extended hours.

Having a day care near your workplace will help ease your parent employees’ minds about their children. The closer they feel to their children, the more comfortable they feel. A comfortable and happy worker is a productive worker in the workplace. Professional speakers also reminds that these parents can, during their lunch breaks, just go to where their babies are to check on them instead of worrying about their children and increasing their stress levels.

If there are no nearby day care centers in your workplace, you can consider building a clinic and expanding it to accommodate taking care of babies. This might even be a better idea because the parents won’t even have to leave your building. This will also improve your employee’s loyalty to your company as you’re accommodating for their needs.

Babies are one of the exceptions of separating their personal and professional lives because parents think about their children a lot, and relieving them of these worries can improve their productivity in the workplace. This is why a professional speaker suggests having a day care center near your workplace is a good idea.

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Worrying is a Waste of Time, It Will Get You Nowhere

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Sitting around worrying will get you nowhere.

Sitting around worrying will
get you nowhere.

Whatever is going to happen will happen whether you worry about it or not. Of course there are steps you can take to prepare and hopefully make your future brighter, but sitting around and worrying about what might go wrong without taking any action is a huge waste of time.

Worry takes a great toll on your mind and body, and in the end, you’re actually probably worse for it. Fear of the unknown can be difficult to overcome, but the future is coming no matter what, so you can dread it, or you can enjoy the present and just try and be ready for what’s next.

You can try and push worry aside by being as prepared as possible, and exercising to work off your nervous energy. It also helps to keep busy. Worry often strikes the hardest when you’re in bed and trying to sleep. Try reading before bed to relax, or talk about your concerns with someone you trust.

Anything that will help take your mind off of worry will help you to enjoy your life more. Worry is a wasted emotion, in that it doesn’t serve much purpose, other than to keep you up at night, and give you migraines. So don’t worry, be happy.

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Professional Speaker Explores Worry from a Mental Health Perspective

Worry often has serious health implications if done excessively.

Worry often has serious health implications if done excessively. Professional Speaker Andy Core says worry puts a limit on the world of possibilities.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being, and Peak Human Performance.

The Origins of Worry

Worry generally is that feeling you experience because of being concerned over a certain situation or problem. When you worry about something, you often tend to think a lot and spend hours doing nothing but just think of the various possible outcomes of a situation, and in your mind, they always end up bad. As people worry repeatedly they may start experiencing anxiety, and in some extreme cases, panic. Sometimes you will develop a feeling of doom and because of your worry; you start to worry about worrying. Whenever someone is worried, the person becomes very protective and defensive, especially when others criticise them, viewing this as a threat.

When you develop chronic worry, your daily life is affected so much that you might even not eat, changes in the may you interact with people may develop, your sleeping pattern interrupted, and so on. Some people think the solutions to worry are harmful lifestyle habits that include smoking, among others. Any professional speaker will advise against such attempts to avoid what it is that has you worried.

So What is Anxiety?

This is just a normal reaction to any stress you experience. On going however, is quite different as it may develop from generalized anxiety disorder, panics and even social anxiety. Anxiety can just shoot up from almost any situation, imagine that day you came from that interview you had been waiting on for a long time.

Professional speaker Andy Core concludes that when you let worry take over in your life, you can never be bold enough to make those decisions that matter in your life and that can bring you a break through.

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