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Want Motivation? Do this.

Someone busier than you is exercising right now.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well-being, and Peak Human Performance.

Motivation, work-life balance, productivity and stress management all have a common denominator. Exercise.

Researchers at Harvard Business Review found that integrating your work and your life will be easier if exercise is a consistent factor in your life. The better you feel about your work-life balance, the more motivated and productive you will be, which will therefore decrease your stress levels.

It’s a simple answer to your complicated life. Prioritize exercise on a regular basis. Don’t schlef it off and avoid it because you feel overwhelmed or lazy, do it because you feel that way. This one daily habit will change your entire life for the better.

And I’m not asking you to do Crossfit everyday or train for a marathon. Simply choose an exercise you enjoy like yoga or walking, join an intramural team or find a podcast to lead you. The solution is simple. The change is up to you.


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Motivational Keynote Speaker Suggests Five Steps to Enhance Staff Motivation

Motivational keynote speaker highlights the fact that happy, involved workers are more motivated

Motivational keynote speaker highlights the fact that happy, involved workers are more motivated.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance

A motivational keynote speaker reminds us that motivation has always been a serious issue to consider in the workplace. Due to the current economic climate, this is more true than ever and it is imperative that organizations ensure that their staff motivation is kept at a maximum.

A motivational keynote speaker stresses that the key to this is to stay positive and take these five simple steps to ensure that your workforce is as motivated as possible.

  1. Be open. By having open policies, it allows your employees to find out changes from the very top and will keep everyone in the loop. This will make staff feel valued and involved, boosting motivation.
  2. Reward performance. Rewards and incentives are an effective way to recognize good work. This could be in the form of monetary incentives, but also in the form of career development opportunities. Staff will appreciate having more control over their own work.
  3. Make work enjoyable. A happy worker will always be more motivated than an unhappy one. Encourage socializing amongst employees, both outside of work and during lunch breaks. Also ensure that you have a well-known and effective policy on harassment and bullying, giving your employees a sense of security.
  4. Speak and listen to your employees. Allowing your employees to get involved and listening to what they have to say benefits all parties: employees are less stressed and you have a more efficient workforce.
  5. Don’t let the financial climate ruin the benefits you offer. A motivational keynote speaker states that in the short term this may cut costs, but the adverse effects it could have on staff morale could cost more in performance than they save in money.

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A Little Bit More About Andy Core

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.

Have you ever heard of Andy Core? If you have not, this article is going to help you understand a little bit more about the expert in work-life balance, wellbeing and performance. Through a series of tips, this wise man has already changed the life of over a million people in a worldwide scale. Be another one to change!

It does not matter whether you are Brazilian, American or Indian; Andy Core certainly has the right techniques for you

It does not matter whether you are Brazilian,
American or Indian; Andy Core certainly has
the right techniques for you

With over 16 years of and a degree in science of human performance Andy Core is still working helping thousands, if not millions of people feel better with themselves. Andy Core’s main goal is to help people find the perfect balance between work, school and family and also to feel much more energized and ready for new challenges. We all know how hard it is to find this balance however with the simple, yet very useful techniques taught by this excellent specialist you are going to be able to reach a whole other level of personal satisfaction.

Through fun videos and stand up like events, Andy Core has been the perfect inspiration for a much better life style. Trust Andy Core, you are going to see the changes with your very own eyes!

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