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Business Motivational Speaker’s Advice on How Not to Become a Workaholic

How not to become a workaholic.

Balance your life and career so you will be more productive without sacrificing your life and health.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.

Andy Core, a renowned business motivational speaker, guides you to being productive but not to the point where you become a workaholic.

Being a workaholic is not really a negative attitude as it pushes you upward to reaching your goals. However, in some aspects, it may lead to negativities, especially if it has enveloped your being.

Committing yourself to the career path you have chosen is definitely a great attitude business owners are seeking from their employees. Positive impressions and feedback will most certainly follow. Unfortunately, it brings in various downsides. A business motivational speaker points out some of the probable signs that you are a workaholic.

  • Lack of a social life. You do not go out with your friends anymore simply because you still need to go to work the next day and that you have so many things to accomplish.
  • No time for a love life. Okay, this may really be an issue. Hey! You need to have someone to share your successes and sorrows.
  • Stress and illness. Because of the imbalances in your life, some things are taken for granted, and one of the most forgotten often is your health.

No matter how competitive you are, there is still a possibility that you fail to keep a work-life balance, which is essential for you to have a healthy body and a happy lifestyle. There is nothing wrong in working hard, just make sure that you do not spend all your hours accomplishing something on the industry you have chosen. Learn how to balance your life and your work. You will enjoy how wonderful life is.

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