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Does Productivity in the Workplace Mean Working All Those Hours?

Does achieving productivity in the workplace really require staying at the office for eight hours every weekday?

Going to work is something that we all eventually do, it’s a part life, but to achieve productivity in the workplace is it necessary to work all those hours? A typical working day consists of eight working hours and you find that you generally are productive for about five of those eight hours. Maybe the working hours should be changed.

A New System

You will find employees on the Internet looking at personal things instead of working; not because they don’t have work to do, but because of the fact that they are receiving a salary for being in the office until an appointed time. There should be an effective system that allows employees to get off work during a working day.


Some may argue that a system like that would be abused. Many employees would be leaving the workplace at their own convenience and that could disrupt the professional atmosphere of a workplace. They will be producing sub-standard work in order to go home early.

Overall, as long as there is productivity in the workplace there is nothing wrong with allowing employees to go home as soon as the work is done. It will take a lot of discipline and trust between the managerial team and employees, but would be a good plan. This way there will be productivity in the workplace.

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