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Convention Speakers Say it is Important to Implement Corporate Wellness Programs Now

Convention speakers know just how important corporate wellness is at the office.

Convention speakers know how important corporate wellness is for keeping your business healthy.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

Some convention speakers may scoff at the notion that putting implementing a good corporate wellness program as soon as possible is a good idea, but expert speaker Andy Core tells you why this is one product you shouldn’t avoid any longer.

  1. Healthy employees make long-lasting employees. Retention is a highly valued quality, and what better way to make that number high than to keep your workers as healthy as possible?
  2. Provide a gym. Convention speakers know that using a service is a lot easier if it’s right under your nose than if you have to go out of your way to utilize it. By putting a gym on the work premises, employees can use it before or after work and not have to worry about the extra time and gas they’ll spend going to one that’s not near their desks.
  3. Have the cafeteria serve healthy food. Again, if something is close by, chances are much higher that it’ll be frequented than if it’s farther away. With healthy food on the menu, employees have a much better shot at eating well at least once a day.

Corporate wellness is one thing that shouldn’t be delayed. Convention speakers worth their salt know that the sooner corporate wellness is implemented, the sooner their employees will be on the road to living a healthier lifestyle.

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Convention Speakers Offer Advice on How to Make Corporate Wellness Work

Successful corporate wellness involves a large degree of teamwork.

Successful corporate wellness involves having a plan and following through with a large degree of teamwork and a little bit of fun.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

How can convention speakers help you to implement corporate wellness successfully when so many others have failed? Professional speaker Andy Core says the answer lies in the attitude, desire and execution of such a plan.

Step One

The most important part is to know exactly what you want corporate wellness to mean at your company. Are you going to put a focus on healthy eating at the office? Or, will the emphasis be on exercise? Perhaps you’d like to combine the two, or alternate between them. Whichever direction you decide to go in, all successful convention speakers know that it’s vital to make as detailed a plan as possible. First, write down your starting point and where you want to end up. Next, fill in the steps necessary to bridge a path between the two.

Step Two

Make it happen! Now that you have a clear idea of what’s involved in getting from Point A to Point B, implement the changes. Ensure you talk to your leaders and managers, but also remember to ask the employees themselves; they’re the largest portion of people who will feel the effect of your plan, so go straight to the source. They’ll have a good idea of what would and wouldn’t work for them, and the last thing you’ll want to do is enact a plan that’s doomed to fail.

Convention speakers say that following these two simple steps will help you succeed where others have failed in successfully introducing corporate wellness into the workplace.

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Major Barriers to Workplace Wellness Programs

Workplace wellness can often strain the health budget of those wit low income levels. Caution needs to be taken in their implementation

Workplace wellness can often strain the health budget of those with low income levels. Caution needs to be taken in their implementation.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Workplace wellness programs are a very important aspect of the productivity of the company. However, there are certain barriers that may exist in implementing them.


Many concerns have been raised as far as implementing programs that may change how employees behave. Mostly, these concerns are centered on privacy. Secondly, these workplace wellness programs aim to improve the health of the employees and in doing so may involve a high cost in terms of health cover. This therefore means that it will discriminate against those that earn less. Therefore, instead of helping with health conditions, the wellness programs might end up bringing a new problem to the workplace.


So what this might result in higher levels of stress in the workplace. There are other various factors in the workplace such as job security, work schedules and so on. And outside the work are things like personal issues and commitments, financial burdens and so on may affect these programs. Some experts say these programs may have requirements that may discourage employees from taking part in some of their health benefit plans because of their expensiveness. S in the end employers can bill employees who can’t meet the standard so as to force them to find alternative cover.

In light of these barriers, Andy Core says great care needs to be taken in order to ensure that these workplace wellness programs are implemented in a manner that is beneficial to the whole workforce.

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Four Steps For Employee Engagement That You Can Use with Your Workplace Wellness Programs

Take advantage of your employee wellness program.

Workplace wellness programs are a good way of bringing the employees together and setting an environment for free discussion.

The workplace wellness programs for managers were created to ensure that there is optimum employee engagement between employees. Top human resources experts conducted research and it showed that most managers fail to engage their employees, not because of selfish motives, but due to lack of knowledge.

Employee engagement as an example of the most fundamental workplace wellness programs can be easy for the manager to understand, as it only requires the right attitude. How simple? Well, it is this simple:

1) Learn to communicate even the smallest bit of information to your staff. This helps to cultivate an environment where your employees can offer their opinions freely and you can share ideas with them as well. A social type of workplace wellness programs also help employees become acquainted with those in other departments.

2) Seek to convince your employees of the validity of your decisions and from there they can learn that they can do the same. When an employee realizes that their ideas count in the decision making process, they tend to be more committed.

3) Before making the final decision, always ensure that you have made wide consultations and that the majority are behind it.

4) Once a decision has been made at, it is important for you as the manager to communicate back to the employees the implications of the decision.

With the right kind of attitude, it is never hard to engage employees and use this as one of the workplace wellness programs as a manager.

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