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Don’t Despair: You Cannot Control Everything

There is always a way forward

There is always a way forward

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Have you ever felt like you just can’t take any more and wish you could just stop the world and get off? If you have, chances are you made it through that tough time and you are stronger for it.

No matter how endless your problems seem to be, there is always hope. Nothing lasts forever and your fortunes will eventually change. Even in your darkest times you should never give up because your salvation may be just around the corner and arrive when you least expect it. Professional speakers can help you find the silver lining that you might be missing.

You have to keep pushing on. The tide will eventually turn and you will get the good things you have worked for. You can’t afford to be passive and just hope that something good will happen. You have to persevere and work hard and have confidence in your ability to reach your dream.

There will always be obstacles in your path and sometimes they might seem to be insurmountable but there is always a way forward. You just have to have the self-confidence to keep trying and believe that things will get better. You cannot control everything in life; you can only give your best and persevere until things improve. Listen to a professional speaker for advice if you can’t find the answers yourself.

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How Good Wellbeing Helps a Professional Speaker Rock Interviews

A professional speaker will tell you that candidates with good well being are likelier to succeed in interviews.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

When it comes time to sitting down for an interview, a professional speaker will tell us that those who practice good well being are likelier to perform well than those who don’t. Expert speaker Andy Core says there is a multitude of reasons for this.

  1. Sleeping well makes your mind more energized and able to deal with tough questions.
  2. A healthy diet makes your skin look better, giving the impression that you’re someone who takes care of themselves and will put that same effort into work.
  3. Regular exercise gives you a boost of energy. It also gives you confidence because if you’re able to tackle that tough hill on your bike, what’s an interview?
  4. The dedication you put into your well being also applies to how you approach interviews. If you take the time to plan a week’s worth of balanced meals, you’re likelier to put the same planning into that interview.
  5. It gives you perspective. A professional speaker who takes care of their bodies knows that healthy living is far more important than a blown interview or two.

Although it may not seem like there’s a link between your well being and interview performance, a professional speaker knows otherwise. Start practicing better well being and see how fast your interviews get better.

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A Professional Speaker Suggests Reading Books for Increased Wellness

Professional speakers know that reading books is key to maintaining wellness.

A professional speaker knows that reading books is a good method of maintaining wellness.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

As a professional speaker, you’re usually up to your eyes in meetings, business reports and memos. Taking the time to read a book for pleasure may seem like folly, but expert speaker Andy Core says it’s one of his favorite ways to feel better and more well.

It may seem a little unbelievable at first, but reading carries many health benefits. Your brain needs its own form of relaxation, just like every other part of you, and reading a book for pleasure, giving your brain some down time from facts and figures, is a great way of doing it. Put the quarterly report aside for 15-60 minutes each day and watch how fast your concentration and mood improve.

Reading for pleasure also makes you feel more relaxed which, in turn, can get you more psyched up and motivated about tackling your work problems. If the office is feeling daunting, a professional speaker suggests reaching for a little Dante to put things in perspective. After all, how bad can your workplace problems be when the characters you’re reading about constantly experience much worse?

While a professional speaker often has their plate full to the max, they can usually be found with a tattered copy of their favorite novel in their briefcase. Take cues from them and it’ll only be a matter of days before you, too, notice the change as stress melts from your life.

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Keynote Speakers: Why Lousy Well Being is Preventing You from Getting the Corner Office

Keynote speakers state that those who are frequently sick usually don't practice good well being.

Keynote speakers state that those who are frequently sick usually don’t practice good well being.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

At first glance, it may not seem like having good well being has anything to do with what goes on at the office. However, keynote speakers know that if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find out just tied the two are to each other. Expert speaker Andy Core reveals why.

  • Not eating well can put you at increased risk for being sick more often. Using up your sick days, unfortunately, means that you’ll tend to get passed by for more responsibility and promotions; showing up sick at the office won’t garner you much respect either. Prevention is vital here.
  • Skipping sleep makes you physically look like you don’t have a good handle on life. Examine your life and seeing where that extra hour or two of sleep is being used elsewhere. Do you spend a lot of time in traffic? Are you disorganized in the morning? Make a plan to streamline your life and put those hours to getting adequate rest.
  • A lack of exercise decreases your energy level and makes you less capable of handling a heavy workload. If that corner office comes down to you and someone who’s always bursting with energy and on top of tasks, who do you think it’ll go to?

Keynote speakers advise that you don’t let the opportunities that should be yours slip out of your hands because you’re not taking good care of yourself.

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How to Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Remove the negative effects of stress to improve productivity in the workplace

Remove the negative effects of stress to improve productivity in the workplace.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

A stressful workplace is fraught with tension, and can be a very unpleasant place to be. Productivity in the workplace can seriously suffer. People snapping at one another and pushing themselves to the limit for an extended period of time does little to create a healthy working environment, which will inevitably have a negative effect on your business. Consider taking these steps in order to foster a productive, calmer working environment.

Organize Team Building Exercises

It is becoming something of standard practice, but its importance should not be underestimated. People need to have a bit of time off work to refuel, and team-building days are a great opportunity to give your employees a bit of time off, whilst trying to foster good relationships between them. If you choose the right activity, you will soon see dramatic improvements in your employees’ productivity.

Non-Uniform Day

Many businesses see a great benefit in having one day every week where the employees can dress down. Psychologically, it is a way in which the employees are able to remind themselves that they are human and not just suited robots in the workplace. Your employees will enjoy the chance to show off their unique styles in the office.

Relaxation Time

Clearly, you do not want to give your employees lots of time off. However, allowing them to have a bit of down time during the day is vital to enabling them to recharge their batteries. Consider giving your employees a little bit longer at lunch, or allow them to break up the afternoon and you will see that the levels of productivity in the workplace will remain high throughout the day.

Do not neglect your employees; you want them to be working at a high level of productivity in the workplace throughout the day.

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