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Why Leadership Speakers Encourage Dressing Well

How we dress will often reflect the state of affairs within our personal life. Leadership speakers encourage employees to dress well at all times to present the best impression.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well  Being, and Peak Human Performance

Dressing is a Statement

Leadership speakers remind us that clothes are a statement. Some approach them as a fashion statement, but they are more than just a representation of your taste or the trends you follow as an individual. Clothes are a reflection of hats on the inside, they represent our state of mind and they communicate your character to people. They also play an important role in making a first impression whenever you meet people for the first time. The first impression often determines the basis of your relationship with that person for the near future. Leadership speakers say that sometimes we fail to nail a job because of the clothes we were wearing, and this goes to show just how much clothes can impact our situations.

Elegance is a sign of confidence and in most cases, it reflects a certain level of knowledge. Take for example, two men walk into a room dressed differently, but with the same proposal. One is wearing shorts and a golf t-shirt, the other in a slim fit business suit. They both propose you invest half of your investments in their businesses. Whom would you trust with your investment? While that might be a far-fetched example, leadership speakers point out that it’s a valid representation of how much our clothes can affect the outcome of certain things in our lives.

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