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Personalize Employee Supervision to Optimize Productivity in the Workplace

Find out how each worker likes to be supervised, and it will lead to increased productivity in the workplace.

Find out how each worker likes to be supervised, and it will lead to increased productivity in the workplace.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

A superior’s job is always to try to maximize productivity in the workplace. One of the most important ways to do this is by supervising your team with their jobs. Everyone needs some guidance every now and again. However, no two people are the same. Not everyone responds to a certain kind of supervision well. As a supervisor, it is your job to personalize your supervising techniques on a per-worker basis.

For comparison, let’s say that the workplace is a gym class, you are the coach and your team members are your students. Some students respond well to a coach berating them as it pushes them to do better. There are other students, however, that lose hope when a coach calls them weak for not being able to climb a rope. It is the same when supervising employees on the job, although this comparison definitely does not suggest that you should yell obscenities at your employees.

The needs of one staff member may differ greatly with another’s, even if they are on the same team. As a supervisor, you cannot treat these two people like robots and assume that they’ll respond well to similar types of supervision. One may like being closely supervised, but another works better when they have been allowed some space to work for themselves. This is about finding out under what circumstances your employees work best to maximize the productivity in the workplace.

The only thought you should give to everyone is praise. If they are doing good work, do not hesitate to praise them. Everyone loves hearing how well they have been doing every once in a while.

As a supervisor, you should utilize your social skills for an improved work environment. Find which people respond well to what supervision techniques and you will ensure proper optimization of productivity in the workplace.

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