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Getting Some Sunlight Daily Is Necessary For Vitamin D Production!

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Exposure to the sun is necessary for vitamin D production!

Exposure to the sun is necessary for
vitamin D production!

In order to ensure that your body produces and maintains an adequate level of vitamin D, regular exposure to the sun is essential. But since studies also suggest that exposing yourself to the sun can lead to various kinds of cancers such as skin cancer, bowel cancer etc, it would be wise for you to keep a balance between exposing yourself to the sun and shielding yourself from it. In order to protect yourself properly from the UV rays use a sun screen.

Presence of vitamin D in our bodies is necessary as it plays an important function which involves enabling our bodies to absorb calcium through the small intestine. This in turn aids us to sustain good bone and muscle health and also helps us to maintain healthy teeth. Apart from sun being the best natural source of vitamin D there are a few foods that contain vitamin D.

The list includes fish, eggs and mushroom, though the amount of vitamin D present in fish and eggs is almost negligible. Mushrooms on the other hand to hold a good amount of vitamin D, but nevertheless nothing beats the amount you can acquire from just a little daily exposure to the sun.

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