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An Internal Social Network May Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Socializing during working hours can be harmful to productivity in the workplace. However, if used correctly, it can be used as a means to make the workplace a better working environment.

Productivity in the workplace is often hindered by distractions like social networking. It’s an addiction not uncommon among people who typically use a computer. If your company’s computers are connected to the Internet –which is most likely – then your employees will be tempted to use it for recreational reasons. It’s very likely that they’ll go to a social networking site, as those kinds of sites have become an important part of the modern world. Almost everyone owns an account on at least one of the many popular social networking websites.

Because of their popularity, they have become probably the most powerful tool in the world to keep people connected. Humans, highly social beings at our base, are naturally attracted to the prospect of easily being able to keep in touch with everyone we know and meet new people. While it seems like allowing employees to spend time social networking during work would ruin productivity in the workplace, there is evidence that says the opposite. It is possible to channel this instinctive want into a positive force by creating a social networking site just for the workplace.

A Friendlier Atmosphere

Social networking sites are designed in such a way that people can easily make friends. If everyone at work knew and understood each other because of social networking, there would be a more harmonious feeling in the workplace. It would feel like everyone was close and connected – a lack of strangers.

Faster Communication

The other thing social networking sites are designed for: quick and reliable communication. Employees would be able to interact with each other from their seats, which takes a lot less time than getting up and meeting. They could continue their work as well, peeking at the browser to reply to any messages. Co-ordination was never easier.

Making a social networking site for the company takes money, but the advantages speak for themselves. Instead of suppressing the natural need to socialize, which is bad for motivation, it can be used as a push for productivity in the workplace and a more positive environment.

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