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A Professional Speaker Offers Four Reasons Why You Should Smile

Smiling is one of the healthiest yet least energy deanding gesture. Smilling can help even a professional speaker gain confidence

Smiling is one of the healthiest, yet least energy demanding gestures. A professional speaker will tell you that it’s contagious and makes you more approachable.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being, and Peak Human Performance.

Professional speaker Andy Core says life is a lot easier when we smile. By nature, we are all happy people, but sometimes life changes us into people that are very rigid in terms of emotions. Smiling is a gesture that does a whole lot more than just show teeth. When you smile you let lose and you become less intimidating. In life, you need to be able to show the next person that you are receptive.

A professional speaker offers just a few reasons why you should smile more often than not.

You have made it thus far – There many people that wish they were where you are. Your situation is someone’s envy so why not appreciate yourself and what you have achieved? Many don’t make it through their first day on this earth but here you are; appreciate life.

Someone loves you – Obviously, there is someone out there who loves you. It doesn’t matter if you are not in a romantic relationship, someone actually does love you. You are blessed because someone loves you, so next time you think of putting your head down, remember you are loved and that will make you smile.

Smiling is contagious – One can never underestimate the power of a smile. Once you smile enough times, people around you tend to smile back. Professional speaker Andy Core points out that because you have smiled you will make someone’s day a better day.

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Live Well, Love Much, and Laugh Often

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Life can be hard, with many ups and downs, even in the course of one day. So you must do your best to live well. Eat healthy, but don’t deny yourself the occasional treat, and surround yourself with friends, family, and a job you can feel good about.

There are times when you don’t have a lot of control over certain things in your life, but you can control how you feel. Don’t be afraid to love others, even if you’ve been hurt in the past. Cherish those close to you and always make time for the people you love, especially when they need you.

Make time to enjoy life, and spend time with those you love

Make time to enjoy life, and spend time with those you love

Take time to laugh with those loved ones, and laugh with strangers when the opportunity arises. Everyone enjoys a good laugh, and sometimes, you may brighten someone’s darkest day with your smile. And perhaps someday that person, or someone else, will return the favor.

Life is not a game of caution, and although you should live responsibly, you cannot be afraid to go after what you want and need in life. Concentrate on the good, and deal with the bad in a healthy way. Be a good friend, and lean on others when you need to. Make the most of your days on this earth.

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10 Rules That Will Make You Love Your Work

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.

The first thing to do when you get to work is to tell a joke to the first person that you see

The first thing to do when you get to work is to tell
a joke to the first person that you see

  1. Start your day with a smile.
  2. Whenever you finish a task, make a mark or draw a line on a board so you can keep track of your successes.
  3. During breaks, talk to your colleagues about the things that make you happy when conducting your duties at work.
  4. Whenever you to talk to your boss, regardless of the severity, keep a smile on your face.
  5. Keep your desk, office and workspace clean.
  6. Have a great lunch every day.
  7. Whenever you are in a meeting, try to be as active as you can.
  8. When you leave work, take 5 minutes from your time to reflect on all the good things that went on there, not on the bad ones.
  9. After getting home, sit back, relax and think about the great day you just had at work.

Although it might seem strange, these 10 simple rules will make you love and appreciate your job more and more each day.

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Quick and Easy Ways to Get More Energized

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance

Do you wish you had more energy?  Have you been let down by energy drinks in the past?  Are you trying to avoid the negative side effects of caffeine?  If so then you’ve come to the right place!

Boost your energy just by walking

Boost your energy just by walking

One of the quickest and easiest things you can do is take a walk.  Walking will increase your energy level without any side effects.  One of the best things about walking is that it doesn’t have to interrupt your busy work schedule.  You can walk and multitask at the same time!

You can also take a nice hot shower.  It’s quick and easy to do.  It’s hard for anyone not to wake up after a shower.  Using a soap or shower gel with a flowery or fruity fragrance is an extra special way to help you feel even more energized and revitalized.  If you have a shower radio, you can also listen to a station with upbeat music.

The third and final tip is to just smile.  Yes I am serious!  Happy people have more energy than sad people so smile and be happy.  Smiling releases endorphins and also serotonin.  Both of these chemicals put you in a better mood and relieve any pain that you might have.  Less pain and a better mood mean more energy.

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