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Don’t Stop Learning When You Finish Your Education

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

One of my favorite movies is Goodwill Hunting, and one of my favorite scenes, not surprisingly, occurs when Matt Damon is intellectually sparing with a student from an Ivy League school. One of the best quotes from this scene is, ““You blew 150k on an education you could have gotten in$1.50 in late fees from the library.” 

Although most people my not have the capacity to retain as much knowledge from a book as Matt Damon’s character, Will, but there is something to be said for reading for the sake of learning. Throughout school, we read what we were told to read. We didn’t often get to choose books based on our personal interests or take classes that taught skills we wanted to learn. We took what classes were available and did what the teacher said. For those of us who did pursue college, we took classes that were supposed to align with what we wanted to be when we “grew up,” but, for the most part, we still read what our professors assigned.

So for many of us, this could be our first opportunity to read and learn what we choose. We can educate ourselves and be knowledgeable in basically any arena.

Regardless of how successful you were at school, you have the power to educate yourself. From reading books to watching youtube videos and documentaries to attending conferences and organizations, we all have the opportunity to pursue our passions at little or no cost.

Interested in being a writer? Go to a conference, practice your skill and read more books. Interested in organic gardening? Read a book, join a club, buy some dirt and get started. Want to learn the guitar? Get on youtube, learn some chords, and practice. You have your job and your responsibilities, but you also have your brain, and you only have one chance to use it. It’s a waste to set your learning speed on cruise control after you get a degree.

It’s worth saying though, that anything you begin to learn from unskilled perspective, won’t be easy. We all have to overcome the learning curve at first, but don’t be discouraged. Stick with your interests and you’ll eventually get better.

Every phase of our lives consist of acquiring new knowledge and adapting the knowledge to our benefit. You are never too old to learn. You might think you have seen and done it all but there are always new and relevant things to discover. You just have to have an open and enquiring mind. Listening to a motivational speaker can give you the motivation and enthusiasm to continue your education.

To achieve success, we must pursue our passions. Don’t let complacency hold you back.

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A Professional Speaker Suggests Reading Books for Increased Wellness

Professional speakers know that reading books is key to maintaining wellness.

A professional speaker knows that reading books is a good method of maintaining wellness.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

As a professional speaker, you’re usually up to your eyes in meetings, business reports and memos. Taking the time to read a book for pleasure may seem like folly, but expert speaker Andy Core says it’s one of his favorite ways to feel better and more well.

It may seem a little unbelievable at first, but reading carries many health benefits. Your brain needs its own form of relaxation, just like every other part of you, and reading a book for pleasure, giving your brain some down time from facts and figures, is a great way of doing it. Put the quarterly report aside for 15-60 minutes each day and watch how fast your concentration and mood improve.

Reading for pleasure also makes you feel more relaxed which, in turn, can get you more psyched up and motivated about tackling your work problems. If the office is feeling daunting, a professional speaker suggests reaching for a little Dante to put things in perspective. After all, how bad can your workplace problems be when the characters you’re reading about constantly experience much worse?

While a professional speaker often has their plate full to the max, they can usually be found with a tattered copy of their favorite novel in their briefcase. Take cues from them and it’ll only be a matter of days before you, too, notice the change as stress melts from your life.

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