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Professional Speakers Explain Why a Work-Life Balance Can Be More Fulfilling

Balancing life with work

Professional speakers remind you that there is a whole world out there filled with opportunities and great fulfilling events for everyone.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

Work-life balance is an interesting phenomenon. There is a whole world out there filled with opportunities and great fulfilling events for everyone. The fact about life is that, no matter what you like or what you are into as an individual, there is a place for you in this universe. Many people never actually reach or appreciate this aspect of life, mainly because all they are able to do is work and work some more.

Stop Hiding

Many people can testify that there was a phase in their life that all they really did was work. They felt that they did not meet a certain standard in life and thought if they could climb the corporate ladder, they could become more acceptable. You should stop hiding behind work; it becomes a barrier in your life to appreciate your full value as an individual and to your family. Though you are able to provide for your family, you fail to provide for their emotional needs.

Why Balance Work and Life

Work and life together can be a very fulfilling combination in your life. When you balance work with, for example family, you are able to escape some of stress that you get from a long working day. Family inspires the inner you and can motivate you to work towards your goals. Your family is happier each day because they know they have someone to talk to and that they are a pillar of strength to someone. Creating a work-life balance for your family allows you to appreciate what you have built.

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Reducing Stress and Increasing Productivity in the Workplace

Reduce stress at the office.

A high amount of stress can paralyze productivity in the workplace.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.

Stress, stress and even more stress can severely decrease productivity in the workplace. ‘Acute stress,’ or panic, can make someone accident prone, unable to focus properly, unable to think with clarity and unable to perform to the fullest of their capabilities. The wellness of your employees should be your first and utmost concern, since without them your company is most likely to fail.

Workplace Wellness Programs

Productivity in the workplace can greatly benefit from workplace wellness programs. Such programs provide a chance for your employees to relax, associate with one another and establish trusting relationships that will certainly give a significant boost to the productivity of your business. Understanding what is causing stress for your employees is vital for turning a ‘sweatshop’ into the ‘perfect workplace.’

Leadership Training

Leadership speakers, like Andy Core, can help you fine-tune your leadership abilities and make you aware of what is stressing out your employees. Chronic acute stress can lead to long-term exhaustion, known in psychology as burnout, which can paralyze productivity completely. Not only will your business lose profit, your workplace will have become a harmful place for your employees. Going to work should be somewhat exciting for your employees, something they can enjoy and not a living nightmare. By taking good care of your employees, you ensure that their stress levels stay low, while their motivation and productivity in the workplace stays high.

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Five Tips for Workplace Wellness from a Professional Speaker

Five tips for wellness in the workplace.

A professional speaker will always advise that you make time to have fun, relax and recharge.

Most professional speakers have had to address the issue of finding the balance between work life and the personal life of an individual. This is mostly because there have been a number of layoffs from businesses and that has increased the pressure on the employees who are still working.

Here are some of the tips that can help you bring more balance into your life.

Build Downtime into Your Schedule

When you are planning your week, you need to ensure that you schedule some time with your friends and family. When you schedule a date with your wife or a weekend out with friends, you will have something to look forward to and this will motivate you to manage your time more efficiently.

Drop Activities That Drain Your Energy and Time

Most people waste their time in activities that do not add value to their work life or social life. For example, an employee may waste his time gossiping instead of completing their duties in time so they can have time for extra activities.

Evaluate Your Workload

You need to evaluate all the work for which you are responsible. If you can outsource any of the work, then you should try to outsource it. This will give you ample time to complete other work that you have without compromising on quality.

Get Moving

You need to create some time for exercise in your schedule. Exercise has been proven to boost a person’s energy levels. Most professional speakers state that having enough energy is a good way of ensuring you have a good work-life balance.


Professional speakers will encourage you to make some time for relaxing your mind. This will refresh your mind and boost mental energy. This will ready you for whatever life brings your way.

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Professional Speaker Discusses Failure


A professional speaker will remind you that failure can destroy you or it can provide an opportunity to learn from the mistakes and create something positive.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.

You have to go through failure in order for you to get to success. It has been a mantra of many, knowing that failure is not very bad after all. Professional speaker Andy Core, guides listeners and readers on ways to effectively surpass failure and make it a ladder towards success.

We should strive hard so that failure will not block our way, but at some points, no matter how hard we exert our efforts, failure may still occur. It may be an indication that not all the methods we have applied are enough, or it may also be an indication that what we are trying to attain is not really ours to claim. Then, if failure has the capacity to pull us back and walk out of the goal, what are we left with? No, not with “nothing. A professional speaker will bring to your attention, the fact that you have surely gained experience and knowledge in spite of not getting what you are aiming for.

Failure may be positive or negative according to what our intentions are. Be ready to seek for the signs of whether we should continue trying or if we should wave our white flag. Being able to surpass failure may guarantee us the success we are seeking, and everything will turn out fine. However, failure may also indicate that something better is intended for us.

Be guided by Andy Core, a professional speaker, and turn your failures into stepping-stones on your way to reach success. Contact Us Now!



Professional Speaker Advice: If You Want to Motivate Others, First Motivate Yourself

Motivate yourself first.

Before you can motivate others, make sure that you are motivated first.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.

A professional speaker will tell you that a good thing to consider when trying to motivate others, you have to motivate yourself first. What does a good salesperson do when he has to sell something he would never buy? He’ll try to convince himself that the product is really worth buying. Only after doing so can he persuade other people to buy whatever he is selling.

What is a Good Motivator?

A good motivator will know how to increase the employees’ self-esteem, and will know how to encourage them and treat them well. A professional speaker states that a great motivator won’t have to do these things. A great motivator is self-motivated and, by being so, he inspires other people to follow his example without saying a thing.

One of the Team

It is not necessary for the motivator to be the boss. It can be an employee as well. In fact, it should be an employee. It should be every employee. A self-motivated person is more valuable than a motivated one. The self-motivated would need less feedback, because he is fully aware of his value.

A fully self-motivated individual will need less obvious appreciation because he knows how to value himself. Only self-motivated people can really motivate others as they have that power of persuasion given by the awareness of their own value. A great motivator is like the Sun: it gives away warmth to everybody. A good motivator can be successful with a smaller group, while a great one inspires many more people. Therefore, when it comes to motivating people, a professional speaker agrees that self-motivation should be the golden word.

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