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The Secret Recipe to Productivity

Productivity is one of the most used words in our vocabulary. It’s a quality that matters to both a business and the individual. Everyone wants to feel like their life has purpose, and productivity is a measure of whether or not you’ve applied yourself and have something to show from your day.

There are apps, books and careers dedicated to getting us to be productive and yet, the average person tends to trudge through their day and force their productivity to come out. It’s a chore, not a habit.

In a recently discovered blog called, TYNAN, the article, Why Obsess About Productivity?, got me wanting to pinpoint the key ingredients for productivity.

  1. Be Excited

This might seem obvious, but too many people are living a life that they simply aren’t passionate about. It’s no wonder why the daily tasks that make up their day are less than stimulating. For instance, if you like writing and yoga, these tasks will be easy. They make you happy, and with some intention, they’ll become habits. If you hate running and coding, these tasks will most likely take forever to finish, and even when you did manage to, it’d most likely be done badly.

So before you can change your day to become the better version of yourself, first decide if the way you’re spending your time is actually the way you want to spend it. Reflect over your day. Are you proud of your work, your hobbies, and your habits? If not, what else would you like to do? Zen Habits Leo Babauta gives this encouragement in his article, Letter to an 18-year-old on the Career Path Less Traveled, “Try a lot of things. When you get good at something, by the way, you’ll like it much more. You’ll suck at everything at first.”

Imagining change is scary, but the idea of doing something that makes you miserable just because it’s available is even scarier. You have one life. Get excited about it.

  1. Make your work a Sprint. Not a Marathon.

This advice comes from Jamie Herzlich’s article, “Small Business: How owners can reduce stress.” The concept is essentially to work hard and stay focused when you’re doing a task rather than attempting to work constantly and running out of steam.

Jeff Haden’s article “The 8-Hour Workday Doesn’t Really Work,” gave this advice, “Instead of thinking, “What can I get done in an 8 hour day?” I’ve started to think, “What can I get done in a 90 minute session?”

Also, Give yourself breaks after you finish a task and clear your head. This keeps you from “multitasking” for the sake of working, which usually equates to scattered, unproductive effort with little product. If you’re bogged down, try to stretch, walk, or laugh rather than sit in your chair and go on autopilot.

  1. Stop Rushing and Get Organized.

Have you ever been to a restaurant where your server was going nonstop? Did you enjoy the experience? Did it make ordering your food easier? Was your server even doing a better job?

Now imagine that your coworker rushes like this hypothetical server. Does working with a manic manager make you a better employee, or a scattered one? Most people would agree that it’s easier to accomplish a task and enjoy yourself while you do it if those involved stay calm and collected. This point is expanded upon in Will Yakowicz’s article, “Stop Rushing at Work: Stress Makes you Less Productive.” “The key is to plan and prioritize instead of being reactive. Being in control instead of being rushed helps your employees to stay calm, avoid stress, and be more productive.” The point: don’t rush your tasks, rank them.

On this same thought, you don’t have to respond to every email immediately. Instead, try to set aside a few times in your day to respond to all your emails at once so that you don’t lose focus on what you have set out to do.

  1. Stay Motivated

Now that you’re passionate, focused, and organized, the only thing you’ve got to do is maintain that energy. This is done by accomplishing the tasks you’ve set for your day and giving yourself the credit for these achievements. Whether it’s making a checklist and steadily eliminating your tasks, or the positive momentum you’ve collected from knowing that you’re having a successful day, recognize your pattern and repeat it with joy. Because you are now doing a job you love, and you’re doing it well.

Living the dream is possible. You just have to enjoy yourself and set your pattern.


There is Power in Your Attitude

Positive thinking can only benefit you

Positive thinking can only benefit you

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Every person is equipped with the power to bring change. If you believe something will happen, be it positive or negative, it will happen. This power is known as intention. It’s a choice and we all control that choice with our attitude.

It all boils down to how you think. Scientists have proven that our minds get into a habit of producing thoughts with a certain mindset. If you usually see life through a negative lens, the chemical produced will be familiar to your brain. The same is true with positve thought.

This perspective will create a chain reaction that starts with the emotions we store and generate on a daily basis.If we learn to nurture the good feelings and discard the negative, then our energy will attract positive energy from others. A smile does wonders to create a better day, a better reaction, and a better life.

Being positive can only lead to good things in your life. Don’t accept defeat and never let negativity stand in your way. Don’t even let it effect your thoughts. Obviously this can be difficult at times. But if you are able to welcome the challenges that face you and take pride in what you have achieved, it will motivate you and energize you to continue this flow of good energy.

Only you can decide what your attitude will be. If you make the daily choice to have a positive attitude your positivity will rub off onto others and begin to change the world. Literally, your attitude and belief can change the world.

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Try to Make Everything Workout for you Even in Bad Situations.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

In most cases, the hardest part of life is how to deal with heartache. It doesn’t matter how well you plan or how much effort you put in, bad things will still happen, even to good people. In most cases, life gives you more than you think you can handle, and you may get mad or just disgusted with everyone and everything but life will still go on.

You can’t wallow in your sorrows for too long because time waits for no one. You can’t afford to let everything lapse because still have responsibilities no matter what has happens.

Seek for assistance from your friends when in bad situations.

Seek for assistance from your
friends when in bad situations.

It’s difficult to find humor during bad situations, but it’s usually somewhere. Most of the time, you will find that things could be worse than you think. Concentrate on all the positive things in your life, and work on them. Ask for support from your friends and family members.

Like a professional speaker once said, “When you focus on the good things, it will help you build yourself back up again.” This will eventually heal your and you will be glad that you didn’t let your troubles weigh you down too greatly.


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Motivational Keynote Speaker Suggests Having an Employee Lounge

Motivational keynote speaker suggests a place where your employees can relax and take the edge off.

Motivational keynote speaker suggests a place where your employees can relax and take the edge off.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

A motivational keynote speaker suggests that having an employee lounge would help immensely with improving employee morale and building company loyalty. This is because employees love something fun or relaxing to do during their break times.

After eating lunch, employees would love to go to a place where they can relax before resuming the rest of their workday. Set a room where employees can converse with each other in a comfortable environment. Add a coffee machine, a snack bar, a sofa, maybe a vintage jukebox to add to the mood. The motivational keynote speaker notes that this is a great way to make your employees enjoy working for your company.

You may even attempt to encourage your employees to do something active and productive on the lounge. Set up a pool table, a dartboard or a table tennis court. Maybe you can place a few computer stations for them to do some off-work web browsing. Allow them to take off the edge.

Having an employee lounge also gives the employees something productive to do during times where they cannot or do not want to go home yet. Maybe a flood strands them at the office. Or, maybe they are waiting for someone who is doing overtime. They can at least stay in the employee lounge and enjoy the amenities. This also provides the bonus of them enjoying working for your company more and builds their loyalty for your company.

Give your valuable employees a place where they can breathe easy and relieve stress so that when they come back from their lunch break, they will be more than ready to grind through work at top efficiency. Of course, the motivational keynote speaker also suggests making sure that they come back to work on time.

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Professional Speaker Says Help Your Employees Help You

Professional speaker says you should help your employees with their problems so they can help you by being more productive.


Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

A professional speaker asks employers to help their employees help them. And it’s pretty obvious why. A happy employee is a hard-working employee. This is why it is very important – crucial even – to keep your employees’ morale up.

In big organizations, the best way to keep employee morale up is through the human resources department. A good HR department will make sure that employees are happy and doing their best during their working hours. To help with this, the HR department needs to be accessible to the company’s employees, and they should provide counseling whenever it is needed.

However, what happens if one day, an employee comes in and is faced with a professional, or even a personal problem? It is normally expected of them to keep their personal and professional lives separate, but no matter the case, this will affect the employee’s performance.

If an employee is having problems, whether that is with their personal or professional life, a professional speaker recommends having someone on staff that they can approach to talk to. A good HR department should have a friendly ear available to listen to their problems, and try to give them help and advice if necessary. This is why there needs to be a good and friendly rapport between the employer and the employee.

So, employers, a professional speaker urges you to help your employees help you.

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