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A Professional Speaker Offers Advice on Being a Great Manager

Being a great manager takes commitment. Leadership speakers talk of a lot of sacrifice in this regard.

A professional speaker offers how acknowledging the positive things about your workforce can help you become a great manager.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being, and Peak Human Performance

Here is an account from a professional speaker of how acknowledging the positive things about your workforce can help you become a great manager. As a manager, in the end, you will discover that your workforce has a desire to belong and be recognized. They want to feel that their presence is appreciated where they are rather than at some other company.

See the Positive

The professional speaker says that as a manager, be in a position to see and acknowledge the positive that your employees put into their work. It is good to identify their weaknesses and let them know where they need to improve. However, don’t make this your focus because you will demotivate them more than you will help them. When you give some positive input on their work, they are most likely to be more positive in the things they are doing. Positivity will always bring out positive results. When you are genuine about your praises to employees, it will go a long way in their attitude towards work and how they go about it.

Be a Manager

Things will not always go as smooth as you would want them to. Because of this stubborn fact, you need to take your place as a manager. As a manager, your role is to manage and take charge. At the end of the day, it is in times like these that you need to be at your best.

Following this advice from a professional speaker on becoming a great manager can go a long way if you are committed to being your best.

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To Motivate or Not to Motivate, That is the Question

Motivated employees are the best kind to have.

With the help of convention speakers you will learn the skills necessary to keep your employees highly motivated.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.

To motivate or not to motivate, that is the question – so goes the famous old verse. It has become clear now that motivation is the key that opens the door towards profitability and productivity. The answer to this dilemma has become clear to convention speakers. It also depends on your expectations.

The Question of Motivation

If you want to have low productivity, less competence and no working management, then you can choose not to motivate your employees. Convention speakers know that you want your company to grow and develop, then you will find it useful to motivate your staff. In fact, motivation has become like the air we breathe: we do not see it, but it is vital to us. People need to be motivated; they expect you to give positive feedback honestly. If you, as a manager, cannot provide this, you should expect the black clouds of dissatisfaction over your head.

Proven by Science

A research conducted in 2009 revealed a surprising truth. The employees were asked to state the main reason they would leave their current job. Money? No. The vast majority said that the top reason for leaving a job was getting away from a bad manager. Surprising, isn’t it? So, either you show your staff some appreciation or you are doomed to be a bad manager, and a bad manager is not a manager at all. Convention speakers suggest that the next mantra you use should be: Motivate! Motivate! Motivate!

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