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Want to Strengthen Relationships? Play.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance. One of the best ways to keep your relationships fresh and vivacious is by taking out time to ‘play’. Playing collectively with your friends, family or partner can bring you and those involved immense joy, give you all a great boost of energy and will help you to develop deeper, more intimate relationships.

Apart from that, play has the ability to heal emotional wounds and eradicate differences previously existent between people. It creates a feeling of security and develops our trust in others. Additionally, play teaches us a bit about teamwork as well, as when playing we learn to work together and cooperate with each other as a team.

Moreover, through play we are able to refine other skills such as verbalization, social skills and body language. Plus we learn to follow rules, as at the beginning of every game, teams usually set a set of rules that are agreed upon mutually. It’s not only children that should benefit from all the advantages that playing has to offer; rather adults need to incorporate play into their daily lives as well. Reason behind it is that, irrespective of what age group one belongs to, play has been shown to improve one’s mental, emotional and physical health.

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Humor And Play -The Natural Cures To Life’s Hardships

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Laughter and play help you deal with life’s adversities!

Laughter and play help you deal
with life’s adversities!

Have a peak at the many ways in which humor and play can help you in your daily life:

Help you survive difficulties: Healthy recreational activities, smiles, laughter and hilarity, all help to combat life’s adversities and hardship. They are the natural remedy that is able to lighten your spirit and unload the burdens that start to build up in our hearts. Plus they help you get back on track and in times of extreme difficulty they allow you to see your hardships and setbacks from a whole new perspective through which you are able to beat the hard times.

Help you say things you usually can’t. By resorting to subtle humor you are often able to express things that otherwise you are embarrassed, ashamed or are afraid to express. For instance, if your spouse is incensed at something you did or didn’t do; gentle comedy can lighten up her mood and get you out of the hot zone.

Boosts your energy levels and more: Studies confirm that a lively laughter decreases stress levels, enhances your energy level and your mood by restoring your nervous system’s balance. Plus it has been shown that a humorous conversation alleviates exhaustion and calms your body..

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Professional Speaker: Video Games Help Relieve Stress and Keeps Your Brain Occupied

Professional speakers offer reasons why you should consider playing video games to relieve stress and keep your brain occupied.

A professional speaker offers reasons why you should consider playing video games to relieve stress and keep your brain occupied.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

A professional speaker suggests playing video games and other interactive media in helping to relieve stress and keep your mind engaged. Not only do they provide entertainment, they also keep you engaged and use your brain to function. This is an unconventional, but effective way of training and improving yourself for work. There are many different types of video games for many different types of people.

Puzzle Games

There are many puzzle games available on the market. A few great examples include Braid, Portal 2, Quantum Conundrum, Fez and Thomas Was Alone. In addition to those, a professional speaker may suggest simpler puzzle games like Tetris or Match 3 games like Bejeweled and Candy Crush. This keeps your brain working and can lead to faster decision-making, improved critical thinking and faster reflexes.

Story Games

For many people, they just want to be immersed in a great story. That’s why most of us enjoy watching movies. With video games, you can get a great story that lasts a longer time and offers more engagement than a traditional movie, which leads to greater satisfaction. Examples of great modern story games are The Walking Dead and To the Moon.

Motion Games

Not all games force us to sit down on the couch. For those of us who want to keep moving, there are many games and console systems out there that offer that freedom. Games like Just Dance and Dance Central urge us to move around and burn some calories at home in a fun way. You can even play these with your friends.

Reflex Games

Many games out there are shooters. Video games help us live out our fantasies, and shooting some bad guys offers great stress release. Despite this seemingly senseless violence, you can still learn a lot from their great stories, as well as improve your hand-eye coordination. These include Bioshock Infinite, Mass Effect, and Spec Ops: The Line.

Games can actually be good for you. Aside from the additional self-development potential of these games, they are also fun to play and are not a very expensive hobby. This is why a professional speaker suggests to at least, try playing some video games and see if it is a right hobby for you.

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