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Learn How to Pace Your Exercise Routines

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Pacing your exercise will help you to avoid injuries!

Pacing your exercise will
help you to avoid injuries!

In order to pace your activities aim to follow the guideline presented below:

Set an Intensity Level: Figure out the total span of exercise you are able to do without exerting yourself or having to face any physical repercussion. For instance you could utilize a pedometer-a device that is able to measure the distance walked; and a heart rate monitor to measure the intensity you are able to work at. This way you’ll be able to calculate the amount of exercise you can easily incorporate and do on a regular basis.

Start with the bare minimum: Start with the lowest level of exercise and aim to increase it gradually so that your body is able to adapt to the routine easily without having adverse effects.

Spread out your time of activity: Try engaging in physical activity daily for a time period that will allow you to repeat the routine easily the following day. Do not exhaust yourself or go all out in just one long session. Spreading your workout will benefit your cardiovascular health immensely and with time will increase your stamina too.

Find a balance: Learn to balance between exercise and rest during every session. This is typically known as interval training. Interval training is when you engage your body in a physical activity for short amount of time and alternate it with resting periods. Training this way will help you to avoid injuries and overtraining.

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