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Develop a Philosophy to Maximize Productivity in the Workplace

Having a company philosophy that employees can follow will help to maintain productivity in the workplace.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance

To attain the maximum productivity in the workplace the employees need a clear vision of where the company is headed. We may hear about certain companies fostering a particular philosophy or culture about the office, but rarely are we presented with any real explanation as to what this means. The result is that many start-up companies underestimate the importance of such a focus, and their businesses suffer as a result. There are two main advantages to a company adhering to a particular philosophy.


The business world is filled with opportunities. The temptation is always there to invest, but the difficulty comes when deciding how to distribute the pot of money. All too often, a company will spread itself far too thin; they will make investments left, right and center without any real direction, and so will step outside of their area of expertise. By adopting a particular philosophy, we are able to bring a degree of structure to this process; we are no longer faced with a random array of options.

Employee Engagement

It is well documented that employees who enjoy their jobs are far more likely to maintain productivity in the workplace. Choosing a philosophy for the company to adhere to certainly facilitates this. When a company has a certain set of aims that are known to the employees, it provides guidance when problems arise. It also enables the employees to buy into the company; they can see the direction that the company is hoping to go in and so will know the role that they are playing.

Do not fall foul of the mistake that perennially affects businesses; choose a philosophy and stick to it! Your company’s productivity in the workplace will benefit from it.

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